Off-Campus Housing Request (Commuter student only)
Meredith College takes pride in its academic community and feels strongly that the residence life experience is an
integral part of that community. However, Meredith allows students in the following categories to reside off-cam-
pus if that is their preference:
Please check all conditions that apply:
Student will reside locally with parent(s) or legal guardian.
Student will be 21 years of age or older at the time of enrollment. NOTE: Campus housing is usually avail-
able only to full-time undergraduate degree-seeking students under the age of 23 (see catalogue). Inter-
national students, 23 or older, enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program may request special
consideration for on-campus housing.
Please check below if you have a special request for commuter status:
Student requests special permission from the Dean of Students to reside with someone other than a
parent or legal guardian. If you check this option, complete shaded box below.
Please read and sign below:
I understand that I am responsible for finding suitable housing if accepted for admission as a commuting
student. If I do not qualify for off-campus residency as defined by Meredith College, I understand I will be
contacted and given the opportunity to change my application status to on-campus residency.
Printed name
Student’s signature __________________________________________________________ Date _________________
If you are requesting special permission to live off-campus, please provide us with the following information
concerning the person with whom you plan to reside should you attend Meredith College:
Name of person with whom you plan to live ___________________________________________________________
Relationship _________________________________________________________ Age ________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
street, route or PO Box
city state ZIP
Telephone Number (_______)____________________ Occupation ________________________________________
Place of Employment _____________________________________________________________________________
Marital Status:
Single Married E-mail address _________________________________________
For Office Use Only:
Student qualifies for commuter status
Confirmed by _________________________________________________________ Date __________________
Office of Admissions • 3800 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607-5298 • (919) 760-8581 or
1-800-MEREDITH • FAX (919) 760-2348
meredith.edu admissions@meredith.edu
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