Off Campus Event Budget Request Form
Student Government Association
This Office Campus Event Form is to be completed by an UF student club member and submitted to the UF Facilities
Office (AMU 5) for SGA review by Tuesday at 12:00pm. This form should be submitted no later than three full
weeks prior to the planned event. Each line item (i.e. Sodexo, or Prizes) must include an attached quote and design,
if applicable. For assistance please email or speak to an SGA representative at the SGA Office
(AMU 11). The SGA Constitution and Bylaws details the requirements for Off Campus Event funding in Article IX.
Budget Guidelines, Section 03: Off Campus Event Board. Please see the list below for rules relating to off campus
) The Off Campus Event Board shall fall under the oversight of the Student Affairs Office and the Student
Government Association. A limited amount of funds will be allocated to support off campus events that
appear to be an appropriate and judicious use of Student Activity Fee.
) No more that 15% of the funds available to the Student Government Association in a given semester may
be allocated to support activities off campus. Additionally, only the Off Campus Events Board has the
authority to allocate these funds.
) No off campus events may be voted on at Student Government Association meetings.
(d) The Student Government Association President, Treasurer, and Advisors will serve on the Off Campus
Events Board along with members of the Student Affairs staff.
) Costs associated with events held or commitments made prior to official approval by the Off Campus
Events Board will not be approved for funding or reimbursement.
(f) N
o funding will be approved for attendance at conferences, conference registration, travel to/from
conferences, and/or hotel/housing costs associated with conferences.
(g) No funding will be approved for hotel/housing costs for any off campus event.
Event Name: ____________________________________________ Anticipated Attendance: ____________
Date of Event: ___________________ Time: ___________________ Location: _________________________
Sponsoring Organization Name(s): _____________________________________________________________
Requesting Student(s): ______________________________________________________________________
Student Phone #: ____________________________ Student E-mail: __________________________________
Organization Advisor: _________________________ Advisor Email: __________________________________
Advisor’s Approval Signature: _________________________________________________________________
Brief Event Summary:
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How does this event support the purpose of your organization, and benefit the students in attendance?
How will this event be advertised and promoted to the entire student population?
Will a fundraiser be conducted to fund this event? Yes* No
*If yes, please attach a copy of the completed/approved Fundraiser Permit Form
How much do you anticipate being raised? $______________________________
Will participants be required to pay for any of the costs? Yes No
How much will each student be required to pay to participate? $______________
What is the total cost of your event? $____________________________
What is the total cost you are requesting from SGA? $________________
Please detail all costs associated with the event in the spaces below.
Line Item* Amount Requested
______________ $_________________________
______________ $_________________________
______________ $_________________________
______________ $_________________________
____________ __ $_________________________
______________ $_________________________
______________ $_________________________
REQUESTED TOTAL $_________________________
*Each line item must have an attached quote to be considered for SGA funding
Total Requested Amount: $_______________
Amount Allocated: $_____________________
Date Approved: ________________________
Treasurer: ____________________________
Account #: ____________________________
Stipulations: ___________________________
Date Stipulation Lifted: __________________
Comments: ____________________________