Flexible from 8a.m.-5 p.m. and some evenings depending on class schedule and events.
Contact Information
Diana Cordova
ENMU Station 38
Portales, NM 88130
Oce: 575.562.4914
Work-study eligible
Hard worker with relationship skills
Able to work with other cultures
Job Description
As an oce assistant for Multicultural Affairs, you will assist the director with oce duties and
responsibilities, as well as, help with any director’s tasks. Responsibilities include some of the following:
Provide assistance to students, faculty, staff, families and the community.
Organize and coordinate Multicultural Affairs events.
Contact performers, guest speakers and/or entertainment.
Responsible for performers and/or guest speakers’ arrival and departure.
Create agendas and/or programs for performers and/or guest speakers.
Distribute, post and mail program advertisement yers.
Find, reserve and decorate program room/venue.
Organize and coordinate leadership and culture programs.
Publish and distribute oce facts, information sheets and newsletters.
Organize and provide scholarship, internship and conference information for students.
Help other Multicultural Affairs oces.
Operate, maintain, clean, organize and decorate oce.
Maintain a friendly atmosphere for students who may visit.
Maintain Multicultural presence at school events, as well as community events when required.
Participate in volunteer work at the University and in the community, if necessary.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Additional Responsibilities/Training
Student Employee Training
Defensive Driving
Attend other Multicultural Affairs events, as well as other leadership events
Oce Assistant Application
Oce of Multicultural Affairs
The Alley, CUB Lower Level | Phone: 575.562.4914
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Multicultural Affairs Application for Employment
Oce applying for: Employment semester:
Last name: First name:
Street City State ZIP
Home phone: Mobile phone:
ENMU email: ENMU ID:
Classication: q Freshman q Sophomore q Junior q Senior q Graduate
Have you previously worked for ENMU? q No q Yes If yes, please provide the following:
Job title, department and dates of employment:
Have you applied for FAFSA? q No q Yes Do you have work-study? q No q Yes
Are you on a Student Visa (for Internationals) q No q Yes
Do you have a C.I.B (Certicate of Indian Blood for Native Students) q No q Yes
Specify below any personal computer, word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics and
communications software you use:
List your professional organizations, aliations and/or honors:
Do you speak other languages? q No q Yes If yes, please list:
Additional information:
Signature: Date:
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Multicultural Work-Study Contract
Name: Semester:
Responsibilities of work-study:
1. Must read and understand the dress code and visitation policies of the University.
2. Will only be paid for actual hours worked.
a. Any time that needs to be made up will have to be approved by the director.
b. You will clock in at the secretary’s desk. (Computer Clock-In).
c. Always call in if you’re going to be late or not coming to work.
3. Will be given a warning for one (1) no-show and/or no-call before termination (given at the
director’s discretion).
4. Job duties include, but are not limited to:
a. Answering the phone and taking messages.
b. Assisting any student who comes into the oce in search of help.
c. Posting announcements on bulletin boards outside the oce, around campus and
Portales, and in the display cases.
d. Making copies, keeping and maintaining organization, lling inventory and taking
minutes at meetings with the director of Multicultural Affairs.
e. Assist on any project that the director has planned, including activity nights, Heritage
months, Thanksgiving dinner, Multicultural Affairs oces, etc.
5. Attend student employee and defensive driving training.
6. Understand that the phone and computer are to be used only by the director, unless
permission has been granted, and only for business.
7. All personal or business information shared within the oce is very important and will need to be
kept condential.
8. A professional attitude will need to be maintained while dealing with other oces, staff
members and students. Remember this is a job and can be used as a future reference.
9. Sign this Multicultural Work-Study Contract.
Student signature: Date:
Director signature: Date:
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Multicultural Affairs Condentiality Agreement
I, , as a student employee, understand that the
personal/business matters discussed in the Oce of Multicultural Affairs will be kept condential.
I also understand if I violate this agreement it is grounds for termination of my student position.
Name of oce:
Student signature: Date:
Director’s signature: Date:
Director of Multicultural Affairs
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Multicultural Affairs
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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