CNC Housing | 3330 22
Ave Prince George BC V2N 1P8 | p 250 561 5849 | toll free 800 371 8111 | e OCCUPANT COPY | 1
Occupant refers to an individual occupying a room for minimum 3 nights to maximum 15 weeks for non-academic
purposes. This Application and Occupant License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Occupant Agreement), is a legal
contract that outlines the obligations of the Occupant, the Institution, and the Housing Manager/Delegate. This contract
constitutes an offer by the College of New Caledonia (hereinafter referred to as CNC) to contract with the Occupant for
campus housing accommodation. CNC reserves the right to amend the Occupant Agreement, as it deems fit and necessary
in its exclusive discretion to affect the reasonable and efficient operation of CNC’s Housing facility.
1. First and foremost, we are home to students and provide hostel accommodation only during
the summer months when our student numbers decrease we do not provide hotel/motel services
2. Check in hours: Monday to Friday 10am-2pm or 6-8pm | and Saturdays 4-8pm
3. Submit your Application via email to do not submit multiple applications
weekly rate applicable only when stay exceeds 2 weeks
combination of both nightly and weekly fees may apply
3 to 14 Nights
3 to 15 Weeks
Occupant Standard
Private room | shared washroom | Twin bed
$30.00 + GST
$170.00 per week
Occupant Large
Large room | shared washroom | Twin bed
$30.00 + GST
$180.00 per week
Occupant Private
Private room | private washroom | Twin bed | Limited occupancy
$30.00 + GST
$190.00 per week
Linens and Towels by request | Laundered by Occupant | One-time fee
$15.00 + GST
$25.00 + GST
Security Deposit
Charged to credit card | applicable upon damage or negative inspection
$50.00 flat
$100.00 flat
Cancellation Fees
Same day or no show | Charges applied to credit card
$30.00 + GST
$30.00 + GST
Academic Students
Do not complete this form if you are an academic student
The Housing team consists of the Housing Manager, Residence Advisors (RAs) and the Caretaker. RAs are students living on campus, are
an integral part of the Housing team and are your primary resource while staying on campus. Occupants are required to treat the RAs
and all CNC staff with respect, as well as abide by the expectations and standards. The RAs 1) ensure standards and rules are fairly
carried out and adhered to, 2) check in new arrivals and acquaint them with the community, 3) provide office and administrative duties
including payment and document review, and 4) are available in case of urgencies and emergencies.
Sub-occupancy, double occupancy, piggybacking, or passing
one Occupant to another room is strictly prohibited
Room keys kept on Occupant at all times, not lent to anyone
Room and washroom (private or shared) kept clean
Bedding laundered by Occupant minimum once weekly
NEVER sit or sleep on bed without linens
Toiletries and personal hygiene items supplied by Occupant
Shared kitchen kept clean and for use by paid Occupants only
Adhere to ALL smoking, vaping, and alcohol standards
Adhere to quiet hours:
10pm to 7am Sunday-Thursday; 1am to 10am Friday-Saturday
Assumes direct responsibility for daytime visitors, never leaving
them unaccompanied; Academic right to privacy takes
precedent over Occupant’s right to host a daytime visitor
Reports all broken/damaged room items/fixtures immediately
Will NOT use deep fryers or open-fry with oil or other grease
Will NOT hang anything from sprinkler heads or curtain rods
Will NOT move or remove lounge or room furniture
Will NOT bring animals into the building or rooms
Will NOT store bicycles inside room
Will NOT use candles or open flames
Will NOT use or store firearms, knives or weapons in room
Rooms left in an unreasonable state (requiring carpet cleaning, painting, repair, removal of items etc) will be subject to additional charges.
Occupant Initials
Manager | Delegate | RA Initials
CNC Housing | 3330 22
Ave Prince George BC V2N 1P8 | p 250 561 5849 | toll free 800 371 8111 | e OCCUPANT COPY | 2
1. Cleaning services not included - Occupants have access to sign out vacuums and brooms during office hours
2. Housing parking lot for Academics and Occupants only - Impark passes required 250 563 8430 or PayByPhone app (lot 9890)
3. CNC is impairment free. Smoking or vaping of any non-tobacco substances on the property is prohibited
Smoking or vaping of tobacco products is permitted in two designated sections at the front and back of the building where the
receptacles are located. Smoking or vaping of any substance inside rooms, lounges, on the second level balcony, or outside room
doors is PROHIBITED. Persons must be no less than 6 meters from the doorways while smoking or vaping tobacco.
Occupants caught smoking outside designated areas and/or disposing of smoking paraphernalia on the ground will be fined $100
and required to vacate within 24 hours. Occupants caught smoking inside a room, or where there is strong smoke odor and a
likelihood the room has been smoked in, will be charged a room recondition fee up to $500 and required to vacate immediately.
4. Open alcohol is prohibited in room where minors reside and in all shared spaces including balconies, sidewalks, and lawns. Alcohol
is permitted inside the Occupant room only, BC Liquor age laws apply. Occupants caught with open alcohol outside of their room
will be fined $100 and required to vacate within 24 hours
5. Illegal substances are prohibited. The location of or use of such items will result in immediate eviction, monetary fines, and possible
further action with authorities
6. Garbage to be disposed of by the Occupant into the waste bin near the parking lot, and not to accumulate in the room
7. Bottle/can recycling to be taken to the depot or donated to the housing community. Accumulated bottles and cans is not permitted
8. Laundry rooms for paid Occupants only - 2 washers, 2 dryers in each room (lower and upper lounges) - fees posted
9. PTAC (heating/cooling units) to be turned off in May-Aug when vacating room
Occupant must maintain the room to the same standard it was at the time that possession occurred and is liable for any damage or
deficiency caused to the room during stay. Housing Manager and CNC shall not be liable to Occupant for any loss or damage, however
caused, to property during accommodation or on CNC grounds. Occupant will and hereby indemnifies and saves harmless CNC and its
directors, members, employees, agents and others of CNC from any and all liabilities, damages, costs, claims, suits or actions whatsoever
in connection with or arising from: (a) Any breach of any obligation set forth in this Lease to be observed or performed by me; (b) Any
act, omission, or negligence of me, my guests, or others for whom I am responsible; or (c) Any damage to property occasioned by my
use and occupation of the Property/Housing building or any injury to person or persons, including death, resulting at any time from my
use and occupation of the Property. I am personally responsible for demonstrating good citizenship, preventing damages and vandalism,
and reporting information about any such occurrences. Occupants causing damage to any part of the building will be held financially
responsible. Shared space includes but is not limited to washrooms, lounges, corridors, laundry rooms, stairwells, exterior doors, parking
lots, kitchen, and other public areas. Alteration, renovation, or installation to Housing facilities is prohibited. Any attempt to make changes
to the room’s heating/cooling system, other than turning heat or cool setting up or down, are prohibited.
Occupant agrees to:
Maintain control of and not copy any keys, report lost keys, pay all
replacement fees, and return keys to office by noon on check out date
Close and/or lock all doors and windows when not in room
Read and abide by the Community Standards Handbook as well as the
direction of CNC Staff and Residence Advisors
CNC will not provide security personnel explicitly for enforcement of
policy or safe guarding the building
Pay for excessive cleaning and/or damages
Assumes the responsibility of providing locking doors and setting
policy intended to promote security
Any termination of this agreement, howsoever, caused or effected shall
be entirely without prejudice to the rights of CNC, at law or accruing
under the Occupant Agreement
May terminate or temporarily suspend Occupant Agreement without
notice or liability in the event of a circumstance beyond its control
which makes continued operation non-feasible
I acknowledge that the Manager, CNC staff, emergency services or RCMP may enter the room to ensure my safety/security where there
is reasonable cause to believe that the Terms of this Agreement are being violated, an emergency situation has arisen, or I have vacated
the room without notice. The room may also be entered without notice and/or without my presence, for inspection, maintenance, repair
services, and/or for replacement of property/fixtures.
Occupant Initials
Manager | Delegate | RA Initials
CNC Housing | 3330 22
Ave Prince George BC V2N 1P8 | p 250 561 5849 | TF 800 371 8111 | e OFFICE COPY | 1
First Name
Last Name
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Application Date
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Purpose of stay
Return dates if applicable
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I have a shared washroom preference:
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Room #
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# nights
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GST on nightly rates | GST on all linens | NO GST on weekly rates
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Total Fees
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Receipt #
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Cleaned by:
Cleaning notes:
Additional Fees:
Whereas CNC is the licensor and manager of CNC Housing; and whereas Occupant agrees to enter into Agreement the conditions set
out, the terms, conditions, and regulations incorporated herein. Occupant agrees that CNC provides housing to Occupant by way of this
Agreement only. Agreement is for the term specified. Occupant will fully observe and adhere to all policies and guidelines. The Housing
Manager/Delegate reserves the absolute right to assign/reassign rooms, including approval/denial of request for reassignment. I declare
that I have read the Community Standards Handbook and Occupant pages 1-2 of this Agreement and agree to adhere to the standards
and expectations, fees, terms and conditions within, as well as the policies and guidelines set out by CNC Housing.
Emergency contact First and Last Name
Emergency Contact Number(s)
Relationship to Occupant
Occupant Signature
Guardian Full Name and Signature (if Occupant under 19)
Relationship to Occupant
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