Scientific Calculator Loan Program
The Oxnard College Scientific Calculator Loan Program allows Oxnard College students to
“check out” a TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator for one semester. The Scientific Calculator Loan
opportunity is made possible by the Student Equity Plan. Calculator loan is free of charge;
students must only show proof that they are currently enrolled in an Oxnard College math class
that requires the use of a Scientific Calculator.
Student Contract
By signing this contract, I understand that:
I accept full responsibility for any damage or loss to the TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator.
I must return this calculator, in the same condition that it was borrowed, by the last final exam
day or when withdrawing from the course. The daily charge for late return of the calculator is
$0.50 per day.
I must pay $16.00 to replace the calculator that is lost, stolen or if there is noticeable or
significant damage to the calculator.
All late charges or replacement fees must be paid to the Student Business Office (S.B.O.)
If the above mentioned stipulations are not met, myVCCCD transcripts will be placed on hold
and I will be unable to enroll in any VCCCD class until I meet all required obligations.
Student Name: ___________________________________________ 900#: __________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City:_____________________________________________________ State: _____ Zip Code:_____________
Primary Phone#:______________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Student Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _________________
TI-30XIIS Calculator Number: _____________ Barcode Number: __________________________
Math Class:
TM1/TM2 R011/R014 Other: _____________________________
Fall Spring Summer Proof of enrollment presented
The student whose name appears on this contract has met the above listed criteria and has
fulfilled the terms of this contract.
taff Use Only:
(Use Pen Only)
LLRC Staff Name:_________________________________________ Date:____________________________
Existing Calculator Damages
Please identify any existing damages related to the calculator being issued and circle
and identify any existing issues on the image
By signing you have identified and agreed
upon any existing damages to the calculator
and agree to return it in the same condition it
was issued.
Student signature:
Calculator Exchange
Reason for exchange: _____________________________
TI-30XIIS Calculator Number: _________________ Barcode Number: ________________________
LLRC Staff Name: _________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Student Signature: ________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Satisfactory Damaged
List any issues: _______________________________________________________________________________
LLRC Staff Name: _________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Appeal your fine: If you would like to dispute and/or appeal the charged fees there is an appeal process. For more information please call (805) 986-5819. Thank you.
taff Use Only:
(Use Pen Only)