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- Copy of Policy and/or Title Commitment from the Insured Transaction (both if available)
- Copy of HUD-1 or Final Settlement Statement from the Insured Transaction
- Recent Title search or Commitment showing the Claims Issue, if obtained by a title company working on a recent transaction
- Any correspondence or notices received from an adverse party
- Pleadings served on the insured claimant, if the claim involves litigation
- Survey if one is available on claims involving issues of Access, Easement, Legal Description or Survey / Boundary / Encroachment
- Tax bills or notices if claim issue involves Taxes / Assessments
- Any other relevant documents obtained by the owner or counsel representing the owner
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Prior Lien Defense / Lawsuit / Bankruptcy Legal Description Property Line Dispute / Survey Issues
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Unpaid Taxes / Special Assessments Mobile Home Affixture Escrow / Settlement Fraud / Forgery
Vesting / Interests Missing Authority / Defective Notary Unrecorded Documents Other
Mail: First American Title Insurance Company
Attn: National Claims Intake Center
5 First American Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707
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