Employee must submit final approved form, with monthly timesheet, to the Payroll Office & maintain a copy.
Business Office
Overtime may not occur until this request is approved by the President and returned to the Administrator or Authorized Designee
VI. Actual number of hours worked beyond the normal 40-hour week or hours for which
overtime compensation is appropriate (for example, working on a holiday):
Actual Dates/Times:
I. Employee: Employee #:
Overtime Reason:
Estimated Dates/Times:
Maximum Number of Extra Hours to be Worked:
*********Documentation must be attached to justify the request for overtime. **********
Non-exempt full-time employees are entitled to overtime pay unless compensatory time is awarded instead when they
physically work over 40 hours in one week (physical work hours do not include any paid leave time).
ACCS BOARD POLICY 610.01: Leaves with Pay, B. Non-Exempt FT Employees: It is the policy of ACCS that all
institutions and entities shall award compensatory time rather than overtime to non-exempt full-time employees physically working
over 40 hours in one week..Non-exempt full-time employees may not accrue more than 80 hours of compensatory time, and any
time over and above 80 hours in compensatory time will be required to be paid as overtime. Compensatory time for full-time non-
exempt employees will be converted to overtime and paid at the time of separation at the College. (Code of Alabama 16-1-18.1; 16-
8-26, Act 97-444)
**It will be the policy of Coastal Alabama Community College to pay out Compensatory time when an employee’s rate of
pay changes due to a step or scale change, up to a maximum of 80 hours, as to pay out compensatory time at the rate in
which it is earned.
II. Employee will receive compensatory time at 1 ½ times the rate of actual overtime hours worked.
Employee will receive overtime pay at 1 ½ times his/her normal hourly rate for each hour of overtime
work performed and by selecting this option acknowledges that he/she has accrued more than 80 hours of
compensatory time to be eligible for the overtime pay.
____ _ _ ______
Signature of Supervisor/Administrator Date Signature of Employee Who Agrees to Work Date
Who Determined Overtime Need and Made Request Overtime as Reflected Above
Submit this form to the Payroll Office for the next phase of processing. Once verified, the Payroll Office will submit to the CFO as the next approver.
III. Payroll Office Verification (check appropriate statement[s]):
Employee will have less than 80 hours of compensatory time accumulated after this overtime work
and may receive compensatory time.
Employee has accumulated 80 hours of compensatory time and must receive overtime pay.
Department budget has sufficient funds available for overtime pay.
Department budget does not have sufficient funds available for overtime pay.
Signature of Verification by Payroll: Date:
IV. Chief Financial Officer: Date:
*Submit form to the President as the next approver.
V. President Approval: Date:
*Return complete form to Administrator/Authorized Designee.
Administrator/Authorized Designee Signature Employee Signature Date
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