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Introduction to Microsoft Excel
2019/Oce 365
Knowing how to create a spreadsheet
is key to eectively managing and
organizing information. This course
will introduce you to Microsoft Excel
2019 and teach you how to use this
powerful software.
Microsoft Excel 2019/Oce
365 Series
Whether you’re new to Excel or need
a refresher, the Microsoft Excel 2019
Series bundle will help you master
this long standing spreadsheet
Grammar Refresher
Whatever your goals, a grasp of
English grammar is important if you
want to improve your speaking and
writing skills.
Accounting Fundamentals
Gain a marketable new skill by
learning the basics of double-entry
bookkeeping, nancial reporting,
and more.
Accounting Fundamentals
If you’re interested in increasing
your nancial awareness while also
gaining a marketable skill, this series
of courses is perfect for you.
Introduction to SQL
Gain a solid working knowledge of
the most powerful and widely used
database programming language.
SQL Series
SQL is one of the most requested
skills from today’s data-driven
employers. Learn the coding
language in these easy to follow
online courses.
Medical Terminology:
A Word Association Approach
Prepare for a career in the health
services industry by learning medical
terminology in a memorable and
enjoyable fashion.
Speed Spanish
Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish
words together into sentences, and
you’ll be engaging in conversational
Spanish in no time.
Eective Business Writing
Improve your career prospects by
learning how to develop powerful
written documents that draw readers
in and keep them motivated to
continue to the end.
A to Z Grant Writing
Learn how to research and develop
relationships with potential funding
sources, organize grant writing
campaigns, and prepare proposals.
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