In Person Tailored Meetings and Presentations Available to Judicial District Bars
The North Carolina State Bar recognizes the value of on-site visits and encourages you to
schedule a visit with us. On-site visits provide free, personalized service to bar leaders and staff
for all of North Carolina’s Judicial District Bars.
An On-Site Visit Offers Judicial District Bars:
Program and Management Assistance
Maybe you’re considering amending your bylaws or want to begin collecting dues. Maybe you’re
district is interested in establishing a new service program, or offering CLE programs. Perhaps
you’d just like to know more about how the State Bar operates. The District Bar Liaison will come
prepared to discuss issues or concerns based upon your request. Information can be provided
about the activities of other comparably sized bars and about the North Carolina State Bar
resources available to your district.
Presentation topics include: Trust Accounting (CLE credit available), Overview of State Bar
programs, and Running a Judicial District Bar.
An Exchange of Information
By sharing what you’ve learned in developing a successful project, you’ll be assisting other bar
leaders who call upon the State Bar when they need direction in implementing similar programs.
The State Bar is always interested in learning about the successful and effective projects and
programs of North Carolina’s District Bars. It’s an opportunity to “toot your horn.”
Your Key Resource at the State Bar
Following the visit, the District Bar Liaison will remain the Judicial District Bar’s contact when it is
necessary to contact the State Bar. He can help you get answers more quickly and efficiently. If
the District Bar Liaison can’t answer your questions, he will identify the person who can.
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E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________
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Best Time to Call: __________________________________________________________
Issues of interest, concern, importance to your bar: ________________________________
To learn more about on-site visits, simply complete and return the form to Peter Bolac, District
Bar Liaison, by email, fax or mail. Thank you for your interest in the program. We will contact you
to discuss how we can best serve you.
Peter Bolac, District Bar Liaison, North Carolina State Bar
208 Fayetteville Street, PO Box 25908, Raleigh, NC27611
919-828-4620 ext. 282, Fax: 919-526-1219
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