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OBU Mission Statement
OBU transforms lives by equipping students to pursue academic excellence, integrate faith with all areas
of knowledge, engage a diverse world, and live worthy of the high calling of God in Christ.
Expectations for all Employees
Oklahoma Baptist University achieves its mission through a shared commitment to the following
expectations. All employees are expected to embrace these expectations and to model them in their
Commitment to the essentials of the Ch
ristian faith.
People are treated with dignity and respect.
Relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and trus
Excellence is achieved through teamwork, leadership, and a strong work ethic.
Efficiency is achieved through wise management of human and financial resources.
Tech Support Specialist
Academic Technology & Creative Communications
Coy Cypert
Director of Academic Technology and Creative Communications
The Tech Support Specialist is responsible for providing technical support to
employees and students by configuring, implementing, and troubleshooting their
technology needs.
Essential Functions:
•Troubleshoot general hardware and software issues as requested by clients.
•Provide technical support via telephone, e-mail, remote access, or in person.
•Assist clients in configuring university owned desktop computers, laptop computers,
and mobile devices to meet the needs of employees and students.
•Communicate with clients through high-touch customer service methods to understand
needs and communicate solutions.
•Instruct employees and students on the use of various hardware and software.
•Create documentation as needed for the purpose of instructing users.
•Troubleshoot login issues for employees and students.
•Enforce to a reasonable degree, user compliance with written policies related to technology
Britton Buss
Other Duties:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Physical Requirements:
Special Requirements:
Complete this section after reviewing the description with the employee.
OBU requires that supervisors review the job description with the position incumbent during the New Employee orientation and the
annual performance evaluation.
The job description was reviewed during New Employee Orientation or Performance Evaluation*.
Employee Signature Date Supervisor Signature Date
*If the job description needs to be revised, attach changes to the performance evaluation and submit to
the Human Resources Office.
Perform additional duties as assigned by the Director of Academic Technology and
Creative Communications and/or the AVP for Technology Services and CTO
-Increasingly expanding theoretical and practical knowledge of computer hardware, software, and related
information technology.
-Provide empathy, clear communication and patience to clients.
-Provide technical support and resolve issues in a timely manner.
-Provide for the needs of users and respond accordingly and flexibly when priorities suddenly change.
-Communicate effectively with co-workers and end users regarding complex technological concepts.
-Document problems and resolutions effectively.
-Ability to work alone or as part of a team.
-Ability to think clearly and maintain composure under high pressure situations when time is a factor.
Undergraduate Degree in Related Field
High School Diploma
-Use of standard office equipment including telephone systems.
-Advanced understanding of PC's, Macs, iPads, projectors, and printers.
-Advanced competence using and troubleshooting Windows, OSX, and iOS operating systems.
-Ability to see and hear sufficiently well and possess the manual dexterity necessary to operate
equipment used.
-Ability to safely lift and manipulate 50 lbs.
-Ability and willingness to maintain professionalism when criticized and/or verbally attacked.
-Willingness to occassionally work outside of normal operating hours and/or overtime.
Must be an active member of a local evangelical church.