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As Director of the Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Training Academy (OJC-LETA). Let me
introduce you to a peace officer training academy that takes pride in every graduate and presents a complete
training package suitable for service in any agency. OJC-LETA runs a training academy based in a squad room
environment with a focus on Integrity, Professionalism, and Service to Community.
OJC-LETA offers two one semester, 40 credit hour, 16 week academy classes per year. The first
academy runs mid-January into the first week of May (Spring Academy) and the second academy starts the
middle of August and into the first week of December (Fall Academy). Academy applications, with all supporting
documentation attached, will be accepted until either the student class limit has been reached or approximately 2
weeks prior to the start of that academy. Incomplete applications or completed applications lacking all the
required supporting documents cannot be accepted until complete.
This application will give you an overview of the academy and seek to answer some questions prior to
your Academy Interview. Complete the application and email it to me,, along with any of
the checklist documents.
Once you have completed and submitted the application, financial aid forms, and OJC application. You
will be contacted for an interview, in person or over the phone, and review the Academy requirements.
If you have any questions about the academy or the application process, please call me or email me at the
below contact information. I will respond promptly.
Vincent Fraker
Academy Director
OJC Law Enforcement Training Academy
1802 Colorado Avenue
La Junta, Colorado 81050
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Each question, information blank or check-box must have a response
Printed Legal Name _______________________________________________ / _____________________
SSAN ___________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/__________ Age ________
College System Student Number: S______________________ Student “S” Number assigned when you complete OJC application.
Contact Phone Number: ( ) _____-_________2
Contact Phone Number ( )_____-_________________
Email address: _____________________________________________
Mailing Address __________________________City ____________________State _____ Zip ________
High school completion? Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requires Colorado Peace Officers to
have completed high school by earning a diploma or a GED and document that completion. NOTE: Mail order “diploma mill”
diplomas will not be accepted and internet earned high school degrees must show acceptable accreditation and transcripts of
realistic coursework.
I completed high school or earned my GED in the following year ____________ and have enclosed the required
documentation proving I completed high school by attaching one of the following documents:
A copy of my high school diploma indicating the date I graduated, or
a copy of my GED Certificate indicating the date I completed, or
a copy of a high school transcript indicating the date I graduated.
Valid driver’s license: Colorado POST requires that applicants possess a valid state issued (any state) driver’s license to
enter any Colorado POST certified training academy. I have enclosed a copy of my valid driver’s license from
State: ______________ DL Number: ________________________ Expiration date: ___________________
Note: Within 30 days from the start of the academy, out-of-state OJC-LETA students must possess a Colorado Driver’s
License and present that DL to the director to copy for their academy file. The State of Colorado requires all applicants to
have their valid Colorado Driver’s License in your possession for the POST Peace Officer Certification Test. Colorado also
requires applicants who have had their name changed through, e.g., marriage, adoption or legal name change, and have
submitted application documentation with more than one name, must submit court documents or other official documentation
supporting that name change. Note: Obtaining a Colorado Driver License does not guarantee in-state tuition.
Veteran status: Veterans must have a character of discharge “other than dishonorable”, but if the term
“dishonorable” is indicated anywhere on their discharge records, they cannot serve as a peace officer in Colorado.
Yes, I have served in the United State Military and have enclosed a copy of my DD214, Member 4 page or
military discharge document showing no indication of the term “dishonorable”.
No, I have not enlisted or served in the United States Military and I am not a veteran
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________________________________ - _____________________ Phone ( ) _____________
__________________________________ / ____________________________________________
Colorado POST requested information: Please provide copies of diplomas or certificates earned.
This POST information will become part of your POST training record and is not part of your academy application.
Formal education completed beyond high school?
None Attended college, non-graduate Associate Degree Bachelor Degree Masters Degree
Vocational Certification ____________________________________________________
(Type of certification or area of certification training)
Other _________________________________________________________________________
Colorado POST needs to know if you are being sponsored in the academy by a recognized law
enforcement agency or have a tentative offer from an agency for employment after passing the POST
Not hired or sponsored Hired and sponsored Tentative hiring offer upon satisfactory POST test result
State agency information with the contact person and phone number below:
Agency Name: ______________________________________________
Agency Contact or Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________________________
Supervisor’s Phone Number: ______________________________________________
Agency Mailing Address: ______________________________________________
Agency City, State and Zip code: ______________________________________________
Colorado Certified Peace Officers must be a United States citizen or legal resident who is lawfully present in the
United States pursuant to Federal Law and § 24-76.5-103, C.R.S.
All academy applicants must be a citizen of the United States of America, a legal permanent resident or a legal
resident. Residents please provide copy of documentation.
I certify that I am a citizen of the United States or am a legal permanent resident or legal resident of the United
Legible Signature Printed Name Date
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Social and work histories are important considerations as you pursue a career as a peace officer. If
your adult background includes the regular use of alcohol, illegal drugs, deception or other turpitudes;
then you need to do some serious soul searching before you try to become a peace officer. Peace
officers must have total transparency in both their private and public lives, demonstrating consistent,
unbiased and absolute honesty without hesitation or regret.
Most Recent Employer _______________________________________________________________.
Employer Address: _______________________________________Phone _____________________.
Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________________Phone _____________________.
Dates of employment ________________________________________________________________.
Describe why this employer or supervisor will give you a good reference:
Second Most Recent Employer: _______________________________________________________.
Employer Address: _______________________________________Phone _____________________.
Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________________Phone _____________________.
Dates of employment ________________________________________________________________.
Describe why this employer or supervisor will give you a good reference:
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1. Personal Reference: (Not a prior supervisor or classmate)
Name: __________________________________________ Title: __________________________
Address: _________________________________________Phone _________________________
How does this person know you? ____________________________________________________
How long has this person known you? ________________________________________________
Describe why this person will give you a positive reference:
2. Personal Reference: (Not a prior supervisor or classmate)
Name: __________________________________________ Title: __________________________
Address: _________________________________________Phone _________________________
How does this person know you? ____________________________________________________
How long has this person known you? ________________________________________________
Describe why this person will give you a positive reference:
Public Safety Reference Provide 2: (A member of a Police, Sheriff or Fire agency that recommends you
attend a law enforcement academy) **
Name: __________________________________________ Title: __________________________
Address: _________________________________________Phone ________________________
How does this person know you? ___________________________________________________
How long has this person known you? ________________________________________________
Name: __________________________________________ Title: _________________________
Address: _________________________________________Phone ________________________
How does this person know you? ___________________________________________________
How long has this person known you? ________________________________________________
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Why a career in law enforcement and why did you choose Otero Junior College to apply?
Briefly list all court proceedings, including traffic tickets that will be found on your background history
plus provide contact information for any court proceedings above traffic tickets.
Nothing to report
I understand that persons with unacceptable social or employment histories will not have a
realistic probability of becoming a peace officer. I have listed my complete court record and employment
history with relevant contact information for verification.
Print name __________________________________ Legible signature
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It is not recommended for
tudents to commute beyond the Las Animas
or Rocky Ford area
(15 to 20 minute drives) because of the tight academy schedule and uncertain weather conditions
that will limit travel. The schedule contains days when classes let out at 10 pm and classes start up
again at 5:30 am the following day. Students simply cannot maintain their performance if they are
commuting any distance. You lose grade points when you show up late or unprepared for class, the
same as you will lose your job when you show up late or unprepared for work. Please rent a local
apartment, bring a camper to the La Junta KOA, or live on campus (with cafeteria meals) if you live
beyond a 15 to 20-minute commute.
Academy students are housed in the “South Site” OJC housing located three miles south of
campus. Academy training occurs on campus and at the La Junta Industrial Park, seven miles
north of La Junta. You will need to bring a reliable vehicle with you to drive between campus and
the industrial park. If you are living in OJC Housing, you will also need a vehicle to drive from the
South Site to campus.
The following yes or no question is merely a planning survey to help the housing manager, not a
housing contract.
Yes, I intend to live on campus.
No, I do not plan to live on campus and I am aware of the 15 to 20 minute commute time limit.
OJC Housing Manager 719-394-6875
The link below is to request housing on campus. Complete and submit the housing request, then call
the OJC Cashier to make your $100 OJC Housing Application payment with a credit card. Please note
your housing request will not be granted until OJC has the $100 deposit by credit card over the phone or
a $100 money order mailed to the OJC Cashier.
OJC Cashier
1802 Colorado Avenue
Room 132 McBride Hall
La Junta, Colorado 81050
Phone: 719-384-6843 office
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The most common reason a person does not succeed as a peace officer is they cannot read
and write at an acceptable level. The academy contains 40 semester hours of instruction in 16-18
weeks. That is a tremendous amount of reading and writing assignments. Academy staff cannot
elevate a person with unacceptable reading and writing skills up to a peace officer required reading
and writing level in a semester long academy. OJC Law Academy requires all students to take a
faculty approved competency exam prior to enrollment. This exam will evaluate the students reading
and writing level and determine their preparedness to complete this intense program. It will also give
OJC staff the ability to recommend resources and courses that will assist the student in successfully
completing the OJC Law Academy.
Contact, Kim Juul, OJC Testing Coordinator, 719-384-6948 for Law Academy
entrance testing, either on the OJC campus or at a community college closer to your home.
ACADEMY CHOICE? How did you learn about OJC-LETA?
Newspaper ____ Job Fair____ Social Media____ Radio_____ Agency Sponsor_____Other________
OJC-LETA Students wear the academy owned duty belts during all training, except physical training, to condition
students to wearing and using duty gear.
S ____ (34-36), M ___ (38-40), L ___ (42-44), XL ___ (46-48),
XXL ___ (50-52), 3X ___ (54-56) ,4X ___ (58-60), 5X.____ (62-64)
OJC BOOKSTORE “KIT The OJC Bookstore “kit” will be issued in the academy classroom during the Orientation
session. The OJC Bookstore Kit contains academy uniform shirts plus current statute books and classroom supplies.
Academy shirts are special ordered and normally take a minimum of three weeks for delivery. All students, particularly
applicants enrolling within a month of the start date will need to bring enough plain light grey polo shirts to wear during
“laundry days”, or until the academy uniform polo shirts are available. Arm tattoos must be covered during training and
“shooters sleeves” are recommended or students can wear simple light weight long sleeved grey tee shirts under their
uniform shirt to cover tattoos. The bookstore kit does not include black or navy BDU pants, duty boots, plain grey polos,
personal and classroom supplies, 2 pair of tennis shoes (one new for Arrest Control), gym pants, headgear for range and
outdoor wear.
The academy can’t stock the varied sizes and quantities of BDU pants or duty boots, so students must purchase navy or
black colored BDU pants (6 pairs suggested) and black “polishable” tactical/combat boot type duty boots before coming to
campus. There is a $500 estimated expense for personal items included in the academy cost estimate. BDUs and boots
may be purchased at uniform stores, many sporting goods stores and some Wal-Mart or similar retailers.
The following retailers have done business with the academy and are dependable equipment suppliers. It would be
beneficial to make contact with one or more of these entities for your future career needs.
- Arctic Supply
in Pueblo, 411 West 6
, Pueblo 719-545-1800, is very helpful and their prices are fair highly recommended.
MB Police Equipment
2715 South Prairie, Pueblo, 719-564-2918, his prices are fair and he goes out of his way to help.
Specialty Sports,
4285 East Fountain, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 719-391-2556
Gall’s Police Supply (formerly Neve’s)
, 525 E. Fountain Blvd. # 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 1-877-825-3338
Gall’s Catalog Sales
Phone 866-673-7643
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OJC-LETA costs for fiscal 2019-2020, July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, are:
$8,437.60 for Colorado residents living off-campus
$12,117.60 for Colorado resident students living on campus
$12,409.60 for out-of-state student living off-campus
$16,089.60 for out-of-state students living on campus
Tuition and Fee costs for classes held July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020
The in-state student tuition rate with the COF Stipend is $148.90 per semester hour
and the OJC Law Academy contains 40 semester hours. ………….. 40 X $148.90 = $5,956.00
Colorado resident total tuition cost is $242.90 for each semester hour and Colorado pays a $94 per
hour Colorado opportunity Fund (COF) stipend to reduce that cost to $148.90 per semester hour.
The Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) is limited to Colorado resident undergraduate instruction not to
exceed 145 semester hours
baccalaureate degree holders who have been granted an addition 30
credit hours under C.R.S. 23-18-202 (5) (c) (I).
OJC FEES: $531.60
A COF qualified Colorado resident’s OJC Tuition and course fee bill will read: Tuition $9,716 minus the
$3,760 COF Stipend which equals $5,956 tuition + $531.60 OJC fees = $6,487.60
Non-resident tuition is $248.20 per hour X 40 hours = $9,928 + $531.60 OJC fees = $10,459.60
AND LAW ACADEMY SUPPLIES are furnished by the
academy and will be distributed during Orientation.
NOTE: When you register as an OJC student
you will start receiving notices such as information about on-line textbook ordering and required student
orientations. You may disregard those notices because the academy will have your textbooks, academy shirts
and classroom supplies on your desk during your academy Orientation and we will discuss Sodexo meals in
the Student Center and other campus features. You only need to purchase BDU pants, duty boots, personal
items such as hygiene products, classroom supplies plus dorm room necessities if you are living on campus.
If living on campus, your dorm room has a bed, a study desk and a clothes closet. You may bring other items
such as a coffee maker, desk lamp, comfortable chair, small refrigerator or other items you believe will help
during the academy. You may participate in campus tours if you wish but because academy students have
different schedules and training facilities separate from other OJC students, the campus tours are optional.
(Termed “Bookstore Student Charges” on your bill and distributed during Orientation)
Academy shirts (3 polo & 3 Henley), - Colorado District Attorney Council (CDAC) Statute Book,
CDAC Legal Source Book, - Peace Officers Handbook,
- PPCT Arrest Control Manual - United States Constitution
2016 Hazardous Materials Manual
(Additional shirts may be purchased for approximately $30 each) …
OJC Bookstore Fees
1. Student Center Fee
2. Student Government fee
3. Athletic Fee
4. OJC Registration Fee
5. Fitness Center Fee
6. Technology Fee
7. Student Activity Fee
8. Instructional Program Fee
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(Termed “Misc. Student Charges” totaling $850, on your bill)
POST test fee ($150), TASER certification ($75), OC certification ($75), 1
Aid ($50), CPR ($50), & TCC ($50),
Academy ammunition currently runs $400……….……….………………………………..
Student need to furnish their own BDUs, duty boots and plain grey knit polo for Orientation and laundry days;
Firearms training eye and hearing protection, gym shoes and gym shorts for P/T, sunshade hat and suitable cold weather clothing;
notebook paper, pens, pencils, a student locker padlock and a coffee cup with an estimated cost of $500
Approximate academy cost if you are a Colorado resident with available COF funds and live OFF CAMPUS:
Tuition $5,956+ OJC Fees $531.60+ Bookstore $600, Academy supplies $ 450,
Ammunition $
400 + personal items (BDUs,
boots, gym shorts, etc. you purchase before the academy are estimated at $500)
Out of State Tuition, fees and supplies will run approximately $12,429.60 for students not living in campus housing and
$16,089.60 for out-of-state students living on campus.
Campus housing is not mandatory but please do not attempt more than a 20-minute commute;
OJC Housing includes both room and board meals are provided in the Sodexo cafeteria and the cost is
$3,680 or $36 per day. The $36 per day is based on the 19 meal plan (3 meals weekdays and 2 meals per day on
weekends) and the 102-day academy schedule.
Students are able to secure off-campus housing in the $450-$850 rent per month range ($14 to $30 per day for
rent, and utilities based on a four-month lease), not including vehicle gas, meals or groceries. If you spend $8 to
$15 per day for food, that figures approximately $22 to $45 per day for off campus apartment living, grocery
shopping and cooking your own meals.
OJC LEA housing room and board: $3,680
(LEA students will be housed on a "first-come-first-served" order in which the housing application and $100 deposit are received)
Cost for a Colorado resident with COF funds and living ON CAMPUS: ………..$12,117.60
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Colorado State Rules on Certification
Persons who have any of the following items in their personal history cannot apply to
this academy
- a dishonorable military discharge,
- a felony conviction,
- a Domestic Violence conviction,
- a theft conviction,
- a false reporting to authorities conviction,
- a child support violation of the Child Support Enforcement Act,
any legal prohibition against possessing a firearm,
any restraining order, particularly one based on
harassment, stalking or threatening an intimate partner,
no possibility of pending criminal charges or sentencing limitations, and
no charging or convictions for acts of immorality.
NOTE: Applicants who have any convictions listed in the following section 21- 31-
305(1.5), C.R.S., to include any misdemeanor in violation of federal law, the law of
any state or any municipality, that is the equivalent of any of the offenses
stipulated in 24-31-305 (1.5), C.R.S., must request a “Rule 7 Variance” from
Colorado POST before they can apply to be accepted in an academy and that
granted and written variance must be attached to this memorandum.
18-3-204 Assault in the third degree (battery is considered an assault)
18-3-402 Sexual assault
18-3-404 Unlawful sexual contact
18-3-405.5 Sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist
18-3-412.5 Failure to register as a sex offender
18-6-403 (3) (b.5) Sexual exploitation of children (See section 24-31-305 (1.5) (g)
Possession or control of sexually exploitative material, prior to July 1, 2006)
Prostitution prohibited
Solicitation for prostitution
18-7-203 Pandering
18-7-204 Keeping a place of prostitution
18-7-302 Indecent exposure
18-7-601 Dispensing violent films to minors misdemeanors
18-8-102 Obstructing governmental operations
Resisting arrest
Obstructing a peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical services
provider, rescue specialist, or volunteer
Concealing death
False reporting to authorities
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Impersonating a peace officer (Misdemeanor before July 1, 2004; Felony on or after July 1, 2004)
Impersonating a public servant
18-8-114 Abuse of public records
18-8-201 Aiding Escape
18-8-201.1 Aiding escape from an institution for the care and treatment of persons with
behavioral or mental health disorders.
18-8-204.1 & 2 Possession of contraband in the first and second degree
18-8-208 Escapes
18-8-208.1 Attempt to escape
18-8-212 Violation of bail bond conditions
18-8-304 Soliciting unlawful compensation
18-8-305 Trading in public office
18-8-308 Failing to disclose a conflict of interest
18-8-403 Official oppression
18-8-404 First degree official misconduct
18-8-503 Perjury in the second degree
18-8-611 Simulating legal process
18-8-612 Failure to obey a jury summons
18-8-613 Willful misrepresentation of material fact on a jury questionnaire
18-8-614 Willful harassment of juror by employer
18-8-802 Duty to report use of force by peace officer
18-9-111 Harassment stalking
18-9-121 Bias-motivated crimes
18-18-404 Unlawful use of a controlled substance
18-18-405 Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or possession of a
controlled substance
18-18-406 Offenses relating to marijuana and marijuana concentrate.
18-18-411 Keeping, maintaining, controlling, renting, or making available property for
unlawful distribution or manufacture of controlled substances.
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Revised May 2019
Pursuant to 24-34-303 (1)(f); 24-34-304 C.R.S. and Colorado POST Rule 14 Fingerprint Based Criminal
History Record Check, in order to enroll in any POST approved peace officer training program, or to be
permitted to take the POST certification examination, all applicants must submit fingerprints. This
includes all academy applicants, renewal applicants, and provisional applicants. Results are carefully
reviewed to ensure appropriate eligibility. Pursuant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Criminal
Justice Information Service (CJIS) Division policy, applicants have specific privacy rights when submitting
fingerprints for criminal background checks. Please see attached Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy
Rights or click the link at:
Per § 24-31-304(3) C.R.S. (2005), it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the Colorado Bureau of
Investigation (CBI) with the fingerprints and payment for the state and national fingerprint-based criminal
history record check. Upon receipt of the fingerprints and payment for the costs, CBI shall conduct a state
and national fingerprint-based criminal history record check utilizing records of CBI and the FBI. The POST
Board shall be the authorized agency to receive information regarding the result of a national fingerprintbased
criminal history record check.
Per § 24-31-305(1.5)(a) (2005), the POST Board shall deny certification to any person who has been
convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors after July 1, 2001 that are listed in § 24-31-305(1.5)(b)
through (h) (2005), including entering into a deferred prosecution or pretrial diversion agreement,
deferred judgment and sentencing agreement and deferred sentencing agreement; whether pending
or successfully completed. Juvenile adjudications/record are not considered a "conviction" unless filed in
adult court.
For questions about POST Rule 8 or criminal convictions, please contact POST directly via email at: .
There are two options to submit fingerprints:
1. Go through a law enforcement agency and use a physical POST fingerprint card. (Please note that
using the POST fingerprint card ensures that POST always receives the results.)
2. Go through a vendor and submit digital fingerprints.
POST Fingerprint Card Procedure:
1. Contact POST and order a fingerprint card.
2. Take POST fingerprint card to a law enforcement agency to roll your fingerprints. The law
enforcement agency will roll the applicant’s fingerprints and charge any required fee for the
process to the applicant. (Live Scan may be used if the agency has set up an account with
CBI to conduct fingerprints for POST.)
3. The applicant will forward the completed fingerprint card to CBI, accompanied by a certified
check or money order, made out to CBI in the amount of $39.50 (CBI does not accept personal
Send completed cards to: Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Attention: Fingerprint Identification
690 Kipling, Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80215
as it will significantly delay the process. **
4. The CBI and FBI will notify POST directly of any criminal conviction, if one exists. If a conviction
is determined to prevent the applicant from becoming certified, POST will notify the applicant
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or the academy of such information. If enrolled in an academy, the academy shall take
appropriate measures to immediately dismiss the person from the academy, pursuant to
Rule 14 (f)(V).
5. If an applicant is found to have a felony conviction or de-certifying misdemeanor, and not
be associated with an academy, POST will notify the applicant.
6. Per FBI policy, POST will provide a copy of the criminal record upon request by the applicant.
POST will notify the applicant he/she has the right to challenge the accuracy of the
information on the criminal record and provide the applicant with information and resources
regarding the challenge process. See details at:
7. POST will allow an appeal period of up to 30 days for the applicant to complete a challenge of
criminal background accuracy.
The national criminal history record check generally takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete when
submitted via fingerprint card; however, it generally takes up to 72 hours when done electronically.
Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) Procedure: OJC RECOMMENDED
1. Please confirm availability of this option with your academy/agency prior to setting an
2. Register online at the vendor site and set an appointment for fingerprinting.
a. Idemia (dba Identigo) or 844-539-5539
Applicants will use this link and enter the service code as the first step to register and set their appointment:
Peace Officer Standards and Training-P.O.S.T. Board Service code: 25YH81
3. Provide payment via credit/debit card for the fingerprinting fee of $10.00, and CBI’s processing
fee of $39.50. After payment, the applicant will receive an “Order ID” used to identify the
applicant at his/her appointment.
4. The applicant will provide a photo ID and the Order ID at the time of appointment.
5. Live scan prints, a digital photo of the individual, and a digital signature will be submitted to CBI.
Out-of-state applicants:
1. Enroll online and schedule an appointment with the vendor in his/her state, if available (Identigo has locations in several
2. If there is no Identigo location in the applicant’s state of residence, the applicant should order a physical fingerprint card
from Colorado POST, and submit the fingerprint card to CBI, per instructions provided with the card.
For general information please see Privacy Statement at:
privacy-act-statement) Please feel free to contact POST with any questions. Thank you.
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Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Training Academy (OJC-LETA) registration:
The academy will contact you when your completed application and supporting documents
arrive and the director has had an opportunity to examine your application, proof of high
school completion (diploma, GED or high school transcript with showing the date of
graduation), your driver’s license and your DD214 or equivalent discharge documentation. If
you are not contacted within 24 hours of emailing youR application or a week after mailing
your application and documentation, please call the academy director at 719-384-6867 and an
email or mail search will be started from this end. Missing copies of driver’s license or high
school completion documentation (diploma, GED or high school transcript with showing the
date of graduation) are the most common reasons applications are held up.
Note: OJC Student Affairs and Financial Aid will not finalize your financial aid request until
you have registered in the academy. Contact Student Affairs and Financial Aid, 719-384-6831,
within a week after your academy application has been accepted to make sure they have all
the needed documentation. Please note academy students are not allowed to use class time
to do follow-up financial aid processing after the academy begins and class time - weekdays
(8am to noon and 1pm to 5pm) are the only times the Financial Aid Office is open for
business. There is no exception to the rule of not taking class time to finish registration
because it is your responsibility to make sure the financial aid process is absolutely
completed before the academy starts.
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Semester: 1 Spring (Jan~ Apr) 2 Fall (Aug~Dec) Year:
DATE OF BIRTH _________________ AGE
PHONE ( _____)
check box if current and permanent addresses are the same:
PHONE ( ________)
LEA 101-001
LEA 102-001
LEA 105-001
LEA 106-001
LEA 107-001
LEA 108-001
LEA 109-001
LEA 110-001
LEA 111-001
HWE 103-002
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NOTE: OJC does not bill student accounts or require any payment until 30 days after the semester starts but
you will be receiving OJC services and academy issued materials charged to your student account the first
day of the semester. Regardless of who is responsible for paying for your academy, your employer, the
Veteran’s Administration or yourself, OJC must have your assurance for payment for those materials and
services before you start the academy. You will be released from tuition payment if you officially drop before
the close of business on the Census date, however you will be responsible for the cost of any materials not
returned in good condition
Your full name: S#
Dear Student:
The following is the Agreement between us (Colorado Community College System) and you, regarding our delivery of educational services for which
you agree to pay in the future in accordance with this agreement. The Colorado Community College System includes Arapahoe Community College,
Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Front Range Community College, Lamar
Community College, Morgan Community College, Northeastern Junior College, Otero Junior College, Pueblo Community College, Pikes Peak
Community College, Red Rocks Community College, Trinidad State Junior College, and the System Office hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘the
College’. By allowing charges to be applied to your student account, you will be bound by this Agreement.
Use of Account
You authorize us to add to your account all tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by you as a result of attending the College.
Promise to pay
By registering for classes or authorizing charges to be added to your account, you represent to us that you have the intention
and ability to pay and you promise to pay for all charges placed on your account as well as any service fees or collection agency fees, if any, that may
be due. This includes subsequent registrations for this term and any part of term within this term of registration. It also includes 100% of the tuition
and fees for all withdrawn courses, and any outstanding balances which may be the result of an overpayment or an error made by the College.
Student Account and Billing Statement
Student Account activity is available electronically via the student portal. In addition, the College may
send electronic billing statement notices to the student's College-issued email address on record. The College may also send paper billing statements to
the student’s physical address on record with the college of attendance, but is not required to do so. Failure by a student to view their Student Account
or receive any billing statement does not constitute valid grounds for waiving late payment penalties, collection fees, or registration, grade, diploma or
transcript holds.
Minimum Payment
Billed tuition, fees, and other charges are due in full by the payment deadline determined by each college. Check with your
college of attendance for more information. Accounts not paid in full by the college deadline will be placed on hold for future registration, grades,
diplomas, and transcripts. This hold on services includes all Colorado Community Colleges.
Types of Payments
The College is able to accept payment on your account by cash, check, money order, and most major credit cards. Deferred
payment plans and third party payer authorizations may also be available at the college of attendance. Check with your college of attendance for more
information. Payments are accepted in person or by mail at the cashier’s office of the College. Credit card payments are acce pted online through your
student web portal. For more information on paying online, contact the cashier’s office at the College you are attending. Students who have previously
provided a check that was dishonored by their financial institution (insufficient funds check or EFT) and students who have previously filed
bankruptcy may be required to pay in cash or with other certified funds. Check with your college of attendance for more information.
Other Fees
Returned Check Fee
A returned check fee will be added to your account for any check returned by your financial institution. The College
reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies available to collect on a returned check.
Collection Agency Fees
Collection agency fees will be assessed on the unpaid balance of your account, including internal collection fees of
no more than 40% of the unpaid balance, after internal collection efforts have failed to induce you to pay your account or enter into a payment
Agreement. Your account will be sent to a collection agency and may be reported to one or more credit bureau reporting service(s). To the
extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to pay all costs, fees and disbursements, including collection fees and reasonable attorney’s
fees, incurred by us in legal proceedings to collect or enforce your indebtedness.
The college you are attending or the collection agency may assess interest on the unpaid portion of your past due student
account. Interest may be assessed up to the maximum permitted under Colorado law.
Payments and credits posted after the due date totaling less than the entire balance owed to your college will reduce the balance due as
of the date posted but will not remove restrictions and holds on registration, grades, diplomas, and transcripts. All payments received will be applied to
the billed unpaid balance. Payments made to your account through the Office of Financial Aid will be applied as mandated by the State, the Federal
government or the organization providing the funds. Any excess amount paid to your account through the Office of Financial Aid will be automatically
refunded to you, without a request on your part. If you have activated your Higher One card, your refund will be processed ac cording to the refunding
preference you established with Higher One. If you do not have a Higher One account a check will be mailed to your current address on file.
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Please note: Federal financial aid regulations do not permit the College to automatically apply your upcoming financial aid refund to a past due balance
from a previous term. If you expect a refund of financial aid to pay off a prior term balance from a previous financial aid year, you will need to
personally receive the refund and then separately pay your balance due at the Cashier’s Office for your college of a ttendance. Similarly, financial aid
received for one college may not be applied to a balance you owe at a different Colorado Community College.
Hold on Services
The Colleges will not permit you to register for classes, release a diploma, or provide a transcript, if you have an
outstanding financial obligation to
of the Colleges other than a loan that is not yet due or on which payments are current. In addition, the
Colleges may withhold other services if you have an outstanding financial obligation with any other school within the Community College System.
Credit Reports
We may release information to credit reporting agencies about our experience with your account. We may obtain a credit report
on you at any time in the future to review your account and information from that review may be used to influence your ability to obtain credit with
the College.
Entire Balance Due
If you fail to make a required payment when due or break any other promise under this Agreement or a separate
payment Agreement, we can declare the entire balance of your account due and payable at once without notice or demand.
Removal from Classes
The College reserves the right to drop your enrollment in class for failure to abide by this Agreement or any
other payment Agreement you have entered into with the College.
Collection Fees
To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to pay all fees and disbursements and to reimburse us the fees of any
collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable
attorney’s fees, we incur in such collection efforts or in legal proceedings to collect or enforce your indebtedness.
Enrollment in (a) class(es) constitutes a financial obligation between the student and the College. Any and all services received by
the student under this Agreement are for educational purposes and constitute an educational loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523( a) (8) that is non-
dischargeable in bankruptcy.
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
I authorize the College and their respective agent(s) and contractors to contact me regarding
my loan request or my loans(s), including repayment of my loan(s), at the current or any future telephone number either provi ded or acquired for my
cellular phone or other wireless device using an automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages.
Change of Terms
The College may change the terms of this Agreement at any time. The College will provide notice of such change on your
student portal account and allow you the opportunity to pay your account in full if you dispute the change. It is your responsibility to ensure you are
aware of any changes, including changes to any and all tuition and fees. Changes may apply to all outstanding unpaid indebtedness and to any future
transactions on your account.
Disclaimer of Liability
The College offers your account in our own interests and disclaims any duty or responsibility other than those
expressly set forth in this Agreement.
The College may assign your account and any of our rights under this Agreement without your consent or notice to you.
Governing Laws
This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado and all applicable federal laws. Any provision of this
Agreement that is rendered null and void by the operation of this provision shall not invalidate the remainder of this Agreement, to the extent capable
of execution.
All notices required to be given by the College in connection with your account shall be deemed to have been delivered on the day
when they are deposited in the United States mail, properly addressed and with postage prepaid. Any
notice by email is considered received when the
email enters the information processing system that the recipient has designated or uses for the purpose of receiving email. Student account
information is considered received when the information is posted on the student portal.
Billing Rights Summary
In case of errors or questions about your account, if you think your account is inaccurate, or if you need more
information about a transaction on your account, write to the College immediately at the address shown on your bill, or call the College
Cashier’s Office at the number on your bill.
State of Colorado Offset
As an agency of the State of Colorado, the College has the authority to intercept state income tax refunds or other
funds due you from the State of Colorado (vendor, lottery, gaming etc.) for debts owed to the state.
Student full name: S#
Legible Student Signature Date
Legible Advisor Signature Date
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Important things to note about the academy
CENSUS DATE: The census date registration cut-off is a practice that all community colleges are
required to follow.
OJC-LETA registration includes the following courses:
LEA 101 Basic Law Enforcement Academy 6 Semester Hours
LEA 102 Basic Law Enforcement Academy 2 12 Semester hours
LEA 105 Basic Law 8 Semester Hours
LEA 106 Law Enforcement Arrest Control 3 Semester Hours
LEA 107 Law Enforcement Driving 3 Semester Hours
LEA 108 Law Enforcement Firearms 3 Semester Hours
LEA 109 Cultural and Conflict Resolution 2 Semester Hours
LEA 110 Career Management 1 Semester Hour
LEA 111 Law Enforcement Defensive Weapons 1 Semester Hour
HWE 102 Sec 2 Community 1
Aid and CPR 1 Semester Hour
I understand all students who continue to be registered in the academy at the close of business on the Census
Date will be responsible for paying the entire academy 40 semester hour tuition cost. The CENSUS date is
approximately the 12th day of training and plainly marked on the academy schedule. I understand that I am
responsible for paying the total tuition bill if I remain enrolled in the academy after 5:00PM on the Census date.
I also understand all Census date withdrawing students are required to pay for equipment that is not returned in
acceptable condition. I further understand that students withdrawing from the academy must formally and officially
drop classes and present a “Drop Form” to OJC Student and submit a copy to the academy office. Students
receiving a negative POST fingerprint background check are required by Colorado POST to withdraw from
academy training regardless of when the report is received and cannot be excused from the Census date cut-off.
It is the student’s responsibility to understand what constitutes a negative background check that will prevent
POST certification.
I understand no payments are made to OJC until the 30th day of the academy and tuition and OJC charges will
be cleared before any student distribution is made. I further understand I may ask OJC Financial Aid for balanced
student loan pay-outs to access financial aid pay-outs each month instead of waiting for a single pay-out at the
end of the semester.
Full Student Printed Name
S Number: _____________________________
/ /
Legible Signature Your Initials Dated
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OJC has strict policies concerning students carrying guns on campus. Firearms are not to be
permitted on campus, either in class or in the dorm areas. Firearms are only permitted while at the
firearms range and will be issued to you by academy staff for the days training. This policy does not
care that you are a sponsored law enforcement officer, no matter what permits you may possess.
Academies are required to include the POST minimum curriculum in their training schedule to comply
with Colorado POST certification training requirements. Students must plan on attending 100% of the
scheduled hours and subjects in the submitted training schedule to insure each graduate receives a
strong and uniform basic training in police fundamentals.
- Arrest Control, Driving and Firearms require 100% attendance or the student fails the
course and the student must successfully retake the course at a later date.
- OJC allows for very limited absences in regard to the academic sessions. This is typically
used for emergencies and the student must follow the academy’s absence policy.
Please note the following:
- This academy is a 40 credit hour program consisting of 70 academy training classes
separated into 10 courses of study. Students pay the tuition and fees for all courses and must
attend and successfully complete all academy scheduled training hours and classes to receive
an academy certificate of completion.
- Academic Standards/Grading The academy is graded in three areas: Participation, Written
Assignments and Course Tests. Because the academy increases in specialized courses as
the program progresses, the Academy has two cut off dates. At the end of Week 5 and Week
10 (Saturday at 10pm) all students will have a cumulative grade of 70%. A student falling
below 70% will be given one week to raise his/her grade above 70%. If the student is unable
to raise their grade, they will be dismissed from the program. Any student falling below the
academic standard and recovers from it will then be placed on a two week review program to
ensure that they are maintaining the required academic standard. OJC Learning resources
will be offered and encouraged throughout the academy to ensure successful completion for
all students.
- OJC will not allow outside or non OJC Academy training to substitute (challenge) any classes
or hours of training in this academy unless a last minute physically debilitating emergency
qualifies for a director’s policy review and waiver.
- Acceptance into this academy does not mean that you are hired to be employed as a peace
officer and that academy completion or state (Colorado POST) peace officer certification does
not guarantee my employment as a peace officer.
- Acceptance into this academy is not a guarantee of employment. I understand that I must
personally apply to a public law enforcement agency, successfully complete their employment
application and background process and become formally hired to serve as a Colorado peace
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- By turning in this application I authorize and give my permission for the OJC Law Enforcement
Training Academy staff to verify my employment, civil and criminal background prior to
admission. I further grant permission for the OJC Law Academy to inquire and discuss my law
enforcement career suitability with references and any contacts gained from reference
- By completing the Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Academy I give Academy Staff my
permission to discuss and express professional opinions concerning my suitability as a peace
officer and to also to discuss my OJC Law Academy performance, grades and contact
information specifically and limited to current and prospective employers, academy instructors,
academy advisory board members, Colorado POST staff, OJC academic staff and OJC
- By attending the OJCLETA I understand photos and videos are routinely made during
academy training and I agree to allowing OJC the right to publish pictures taken of me for
training documentation, propaganda, recruitment or publicity purposes without further
notification or remuneration.
- By enrolling in this academy I understand that I may be required to follow set grooming
standards and may be required to cover up tattoos during all class sessions.
- By enrolling in this academy I understand applicants must have or gain the ability to analyze
situations and adopt a quick, effective and reasonable course of action giving due regard to
the surrounding hazards and circumstances of each situation. Applicants must have the ability
to learn the safe use and care of automobiles, firearms and police equipment. Applicants must
be willing to submit to extensive training and rigorous training schedules. Applicants must
have the ability to perform excessive physical exertion, to lift and carry up to 25 pounds and
occasionally lift and carry over 100 pounds.
- By enrolling in this academy applicants must have the ability to stand, climb, kneel, twist, ride,
pinch, pick, reach, grasp, walk, sit, bend, crawl, push, pull and perform a variety of similar body
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CLOTHING: Students will appear for Orientation wearing BDU pants, duty boots and a plain gray
polo shirt. Supplies that students must have in their possession on the first day of class:
Black or Navy colored BDU pants and polish-able smooth leather black duty “tactical/combat
type” boots.
A long sleeve lightweight grey tee or “shooter’s sleeve” to cover arm tattoos.(arm tattoos must be
covered) and bring at least two light grey colored polo shirts for “laundry days” or in case the
academy doesn’t have shirts in your size.
2 pair of tennis shoes, one new or freshly washed tennis shoes of wrestling shoes that will be
locked in the Arrest Control Training Center and used only for mat work plus a second pair used
for morning Physical Training and non-Auxiliary Gym mat training.
Gym shorts (your choice of color) and toilet accessories for after physical training showers.
Eye and ear protection plus a hat with a visor or bill, for protection from the sun.
Cold weather outerwear for outdoor skills plus a winter hat with a visor.
Pens and notebooks for classroom use and if you don’t have a laptop with Windows, Office
with Word and internet capability, the academy will let you check-out one of the academy
Graduation and class picture uniform. Khakis (tan) colored trousers, not tan or camouflaged
BDU pants, black belt and well shined black footwear, long sleeve white dress shirt or
blouse and a plain black long forehand tie for graduation and class pictures.
SHIRTS: Gray polo academy shirts and Henleys are the daily uniform shirts and supplied by the Academy
during Orientation or when order is filled. The gray polo will be the academic classroom uniform shirt and the
“Henley”, a collarless short sleeved three button shirt is the skills training and physical workout uniform shirt.
Uniform shirts must be worn each day unless a substitute “laundry day” plain gray polo is worn. Wal-Mart or most
any Target or discount box store has a plain gray polo or tee shirt at a reasonable price. The “substitute” gray polo
is to be worn the first day to Orientation and on those days when your academy shirt is in the laundry. Academy
shirt orders take approximately 30 days and normally arrive by Orientation or during the first week of training, so
plan to wear the substitute gray polo the first day and until an academy issued shirt is available.
PANTS: Black or navy blue colored (no tan or camouflage BDU’s allowed) BDU pants are the
required daily academy uniform pant. Students may wear either a black or navy colored BDU pant with
black tactical/combat type duty boots. Please avoid expensive 511 type pants, as they may get
damaged during training. Firearms training requires full length BDU pants because of constant
kneeling on rocky soil. Students wear a training short pant with belt loops during Arrest Control. Driving
training class normally requires BDU pants but short pants with belt loops are acceptable during hot
weather. Students will also need at least one pair of “gym” type shorts for P/T, your choice of color.
FOOTWEAR: The daily academy uniform footwear is a duty grade black shine able tactical/combat
type duty boot for academic classes, firearms and driving; tennis shoes are required for physical
training and arrest control.
OUTER WEAR: Southeastern Colorado’s high desert weather varies tremendously and students must
dress in layers prepared for 75 degree or higher sunny days followed by evenings that go below freezing
or cloudy 45 degree days with evenings below freezing and 80 degree days the following day.
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GRADUATION AND CLASS PICTURE CLOTHING: The academy requires the same dress for
the academy pictures and the graduation ceremony. Khakis (tan) colored dress trousers, black belt and duty
shoes, long sleeve white dress shirt or blouse and a plain black long forehand tie for men. Male students
remember to be clean shaven and female students will wear their hair up and gathered into a short style.
IF YOU ARE LIVING ON CAMPUS: Bring bath towels, washcloths, pillows, blankets,
twin size sheets and household items such as study lamps, a lounge/study chair, microwave,
coffee pot, coffee cups, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. (No house cleaning or house
cleaner “maid” services are provided by the college – you will keep your own room clean) Your
room will have a study desk, a chair and a twin bed. Prior students recommend that you bring
a comfortable “study/lounge chair or couch” and the academy will furnish toilet paper, cleaning
supplies and a vacuum cleaner.
- Eye protection is required for all Firearms training and clear or yellow lenses are
recommended for night shooting.
- You can use any standard type of hearing protection, either electronic or a combination of
plugs and “mickey-mouse” or “headphone” style protectors. If you can afford them, invest in a
good electronic noise suppression headset with conversation capability.
- Colorado POST requires all trainees to wear a hat with a “bill” or “visor” during firearms training
to prevent ejected cartridges from landing between the student’s eye and safety glasses.
COMPUTER: Students are required to produce essays and other writing assignments during the
academy. The academy curriculum also uses an internet based platform called
Desire2Learn. Daily tests, student handouts and course information will be given to the
student via the internet. The academy has laptops for use during the academy if the
student’s laptop does not have Word or the capability of emailing a Word document.
- Students must know how to operate a computer and have the keyboarding skills to produce the
required daily writing assignments when they enter the academy. Academy staff cannot teach
you how to run a computer. If you don’t how to type or operate a laptop, take a training class
and learn those skills before you come to the academy or you will fall behind and have a
difficult time trying to catch up.
- If you are using an academy laptop, bring a usb thumbdrive so that you can take the
extensive amount of material with you at the end of the academy.
A good book bag or range bag or a back pack with a sleeve that will hold a 17” laptop sleeve; pens,
mechanical pencils, notebook paper, letter sized notepads, a padlock and a coffee cup.
We issue academy shirts, statute books and supplies during Orientation.
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WHEN: Graduation will be held at 10 am on the day after the POST Test. The doors open at 9:30 AM
and the ceremony starts promptly at 10:00 AM.
WHERE: OJC Banquet Room OJC campus, San Juan Avenue
- The Facility can seat 250 people so invite all your family and friends.
- We normally have 175 to 200 people present and we order enough meatballs, fruit, cheese and
crackers, coffee, water, punch and cookies for 250. Please encourage all your friends and family to
come hungry and spend time visiting.
- The graduation ceremony concludes about 10:40 and normally the last people out - the director,
his wife and the Student Center staff, leave around 1:00 pm.
Please encourage your whole family and all your friends to attend graduation and stay after
the ceremony to meet your classmates and have lunch with the academy staff and instructors.
Attorney General
Chief Deputy Attorney General
Chief of Staff
Solicitor General
1300 Broadway, 9th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone (720) 508-6000
Peace Officer Standards
and Training
Colorado POST Certification Exam
As a candidate to become a Colorado POST-certified peace officer, I agree to the following terms
and conditions of this Confidentiality Agreement concerning my participation in the certification
1. I understand the contents of this exam contain secure and confidential material and must
remain so indefinitely.
2. I will not discuss any part of this certification exam, as described below in #3, with any
person, including but not limited to:
any current, former or future members of any police agency, within or outside of
Colorado, including those at the academy or college which I attended;
any candidates having already participated in the process or candidates waiting to
any other individual inside, or outside, of the law enforcement community;
any members of city or county government;
any members of the press;
any agents of test preparation firms; or
any other person who has the potential to communicate this secure information to any
other person.
3. The certification exam information to be held secure and confidential includes, but is not
limited to, the following:
the specific exercise instructions, requirements or content;
the test questions and possible answers;
any secure and confidential specifics regarding how the assessment will be
the specific rating criteria and rating dimensions utilized in this assessment process;
the specific sections of the source material from where written examination items
were drawn.
_________ Initials READ AND SIGN OTHER SIDE
Page 2
4. I will not use any part or portion of the above-described certification exam for my own
personal or professional purposes.
5. I will not discuss or share with any person, group or department any conclusions I or
others draw from participating in this Colorado POST certification exam, if discussing or
sharing those conclusions would reveal any confidential information.
6. I understand that upon a violation, or suspected violation, of this Confidentiality
Agreement, Colorado POST and my future agency, if I am so employed, will be notified
and possible legal action taken against me.
By signing and dating this Confidentiality Agreement in the spaces below, I certify I have read
and understand this agreement in its entirety, and I agree to be bound by its terms.
Name (print): _________________________________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________________________
Date: __________________________