Orpheus Island Research Station
Morris Family Trust Student Research Grant Application
Guidelines for Applicants
The OIRS Morris Family Trust SRG Scheme is a funding source for research.
The scheme aims to provide support for projects conducted at Orpheus Island Research Station, and
to promote excellence in research by PhD, MPhil and Honours students. The maximum grant will be a
Station resources (accommodation fees, boat use etc) valued up to $3000 to support research with
their research in a manner that has the capacity to enhance research at the OIRS through the
production of high quality publications
To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled in a PhD, MPhil or Honours program.
Successful applicants will be eligible to apply to the scheme in subsequent years, subject to
submission of a suitable grant report and their continued enrolment in post-graduate study.
Funds will be allocated competitively, based on
a) Quality of the proposal
b) Evidence that the project will lead to high quality publication output (the number of potential
publications and journal status will form part of that assessment) that enhances the reputation
of OIRS.
c) Track record of the applicant relative to opportunity. This includes Undergraduate track record
(eg. GPA and/or grades in relevant subjects), publication output (number of publications
relative to opportunity), authorship (senior or sole authored papers are weighted more),
journal quality (journal status relative to the field, conference proceedings rate less than
journals, etc.). Publications which are published or in press are ranked highest; papers in
revision, review, and submitted will be taken into consideration, especially in the first year of
study. Papers in prep will not be counted as outputs from that applicant.
d) If project quality, potential for publication output and track record of two applicants are
similar, then preference will be given to students enrolled at James Cook University, or to
projects involving a supervisor employed at James Cook University.
Applications should be made on the form provided at the OIRS website (OIRS Morris Family Trust SRG
application form.pdf)
Notes on the Application Form
The signed form can be submitted by email (Orpheus@jcu.edu.au) by COB Friday 13
April 2020.
The numbered items below refer to the corresponding parts of the form.
Part 1 is intended to provide a database for ease of comparisons among applicants.
Part 2 is intended to provide the information necessary for assessing the quality of the
proposed research.
Part 3 is intended to provide evidence of the track record of the applicant and an indication of
the potential of the applicant to deliver the proposed research outcomes.
Part 1: Background information
1. Applicant’s Name:
2. Applicant’s Details:
Degree enrolled in
Email address
3. Project Title & Summary
Title: Use a maximum of 40 characters
Summary: Use a maximum of 100 words
4. Current Funding
Tabulate the amount and year(s) of all current funding and requested funding, excluding this
application, for your studies received from your school and from external sources including grants to
your supervisor. Indicate briefly how this money has been spent.
An example table is provided below.
Source of funding Year(s) Total Amount Use
School Internal 2018-2019 $1000 Photocopying, interlibrary loans
Grant to supervisor 2018-2020 $5000 Lab consumables
Source of funding
Total Amount
5. Summary of OIRS resources requested
6. Supervisor/Head of School Authorisation.
Your application must be approved by your supervisor and your Head of School must confirm your
status as an enrolled research student. Please ensure that the proposal has been discussed with your
supervisor before submitting the form. Unsigned applications will not be considered.
Head of School:
click to sign
click to edit
click to sign
click to edit
Part 2: The proposed research
7. Applicant’s Name
8. PhD Project Title
9. Proposed OIRS Morris Family Trust SRG Project
Indicate the aims and research approach of the specific component of your research activities to be
addressed by the proposed grant. (20 lines maximum)
Indicate how the achievement of the OIRS Morris Family Trust SRG-funded research goals will support
research excellence and high quality outcomes. (10 lines maximum)
10. Budget
Include the specific resources requested- days of bench fees and accommodation required, up to the
value of $3000
Number of
Return Transfers
Boat Hire
11. Budget Justification
Justify the OIRS resources requested. For instance, you should explain why you need the number of
days or hours of time requested, how these will be used etc.
Part 3: Supporting information
12. Applicant’s Name
13. Publication List
Provide full references and append copies of abstracts of all published, accepted, and submitted
publications that have been refereed. (Papers in preparation should not be listed). Provide a list only
of non-refereed contributions such as consultancy reports, technical memoranda, popular articles, un-
refereed conference proceedings, etc. Substantiation of this list may be requested.
14. Other Relevant Professional Experience
Use this space to supply any other information that you believe demonstrates your ability to carry out
the proposed OIRS Morris Family Trust SRG project and to achieve excellence in research. (15 lines
Please note:
Successful applicants must provide a 1-page report by 1
July in the year following the grant.
The report should comprise: name, project title, the use of the funds, their value to the thesis
project and any resultant conference presentations or publications.
Funds can only be expended within the calendar year of the award of the grant.
Funds granted may not be spent for purposes other than those detailed in the original
application unless the written permission of the Dean, Research has been obtained.
All grant funding is subject to occasional audit by the University’s Internal Auditor.
Under no circumstances should retrospective requests for support be considered, as to do so
would contravene the University's audit requirements. For the purposes of this Scheme, a
retrospective request is defined as a request made for funds that have been spent or
committed before the candidate has been advised that the funding has been awarded.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
For further information, please contact OIRS at Orpheus@jcu.edu.au
including “SRG” in the Subject
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