AVC Transcript Only
Amt Paid $:
1. The first two official transcipts are FREE. All future requests have a per copy fee.
2. Please complete ALL information on the transcript request form.
3. Submit one request for each mailing address. STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CORRECT ADDRESS.
(Allow 7-10 working days for processing)
4. Requests being held for current semester grades will be mailed within approximately one month after the end of the semester.
5. Student records are confidential. Transcripts will be issued only at the written request of the student.
6. A current picture ID is required for pick up.
7. Transcripts will not be issued until all outstanding debts with the college are settled.
Transcript Office
3041 West Avenue K
Lancaster, California 93536-5426
(661) 722-6300, ext. 6130
Social Security Number
(or Student ID Number)
Number of copies requested
Are you currently enrolled at
Current Last Name
First Name
MI Previous Names
Date of Birth
Current Phone Number
( )
Current Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Approximate dates of attendance
(example: 2001-2004)
Student’s Signature
Today’s Date
Send record now
Send after current semester grades are recorded
Wait until degree is posted
(6-8 weeks after the end of the term)
To be picked up
CSU Certification (California State University System)
IGETC Certification (University of California System)
A certification is a separate form that is sent with your transcript directly to the university within the CSU/UC systems. The
certification identifies completed courses taken for G.E. requirements. This enables the student to transfer without having to
take unnecessary lower division G.E. courses. Please mark the appropriate box only if the G.E. requirements have been com-
pleted and the transcript is being sent directly to the university. Please list any other school transcript to be used for the certifi-
Last Name
First Name
For Office Use Only
Date Completed
Name and Address of where transcript(s) are to be sent: The STUDENT is responsible for the correct address.
Keep address within the box and on the lines provided. For accurate processing, please print clearly.