5.) Indicate number of transcript requests _______ (Each transcript is individually sealed)
6.) Have you previously ordered two or more transcripts?
MISSION COLLEGE - Office of Admissions & Records
3000 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054-1897 Fax: (408) 980-8980
Yes No
(First 2 standard transcripts are free, any additional copy is $6)
e-mail: askmc@wvm.edu
1.) Student ID:
7.) Special Holds
2.) Name:
Street City State Zip Code
Birthdate: Phone: ( )
Hold for current semester's grades. Sem______________________ Year_________
Hold for degree/certificate to be posted. Sem______________________ Year _________
3.) Standard Mail (5 - 10 business days) The first two are free. $6.00 for each additional copy.
Mail to:
Credit Card Type:
Visa MasterCard
Card Holder Name: _____________________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: ____________________________________________________________
Expiration Date: ___________________
CVC Code (3 digit on back of card): ______
Signature: Date
(Your signature is REQUIRED by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 1974)
1.) Transcripts can be ordered by Fax, Mail or in-person at the Admissions & Records Office. Requests
by email must include a scanned signed form to be processed. No phone orders.
2.) The West Valley Mission Community College District produces a district transcript combining
records from both Mission College and West Valley College. Note: All student records prior to Fall
1976 can only be requested through West Valley College.
3.) Photo Identification is required at the time of request.
4.) A RUSH Transcript guarantees the transcript will be processed during business hours and can
ONLY be requested by and returned to the student.
6.) Students may not obtain copies of transcripts from other schools/colleges through Mission.
You must request a copy from that school/college.
7.) Transcript requests are processed and mailed within the time frame requested. NOTE: It does
not guarantee the transcript will arrive in time. Lost transcripts may result in having to request and
pay for additional transcripts.
8.) Payment Methods
RUSH $20.00 (immediate processing)
4.) I certify that I am the above named person and understand the transcript ordering policies.*
Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Department: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
5.) Transcripts are not issued unless ALL outstanding obligations to Mission College are met.
8) *In accordance with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, student written
authorization is REQUIRED to release ANY information, no matter what the
students AGE.
Account Verified: ____________ Amount Paid: ________________
Date: _______________________
Received By: _______________________ Procesed By: ________________ Date Processed: _____________
CASH (in person Only)
CHECK # _____________
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