To be submitted as part of Financial Aid Appeal Process
The student must submit the completed form as part of their Financial Aid Appeal. The information provided on this form will
serve a vital role in the Appeals Committee’s decision-making process. Completion and submission of this agreement does not
guarantee the Financial Aid Appeal will be approved. The student will be notified of the Appeals Committee’s decision within 45
days of the date the completed appeal is submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.
Student Name:
Student ID:
Student Address:
Student Date of Birth:
City, State, Zip:
Student Email:
Student Phone:
Student Alternate Phone:
Student Degree Audit Major:
Degree Audit Year:
Hours Remaining to Complete:
Is student submitting a change of major request?
Yes No
If Yes, what is the new major?
Is the student certificate seeking?
Yes No
Is the student degree-seeking?
Yes No
Has the student been provided with advising regarding the
successful completion of degree/certificate requirements?
Yes No
Is the student allowed to continue enrollment for the upcoming
Yes No
This student is currently ineligible to receive financial aid for failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
standards. The following three components are used in determining financial aid SAP eligibility:
Minimum GPA of a 2.0 for all undergraduates.
67% completion rate on cumulative attempted courses (institutional and transfer).
Total attempted cumulative hours cannot exceed 150% of degree or certificate program of the approved degree
Please describe your recommendations to the student in regards to academic improvement.
Additional Comments:
If this appeal is approved, the student is required to:
1. Student must demonstrate progression towards achieving a degree or certificate from Grayson
College. At the end of each semester a Financial Aid Advisor will review the Academic Plan
agreement for the possibility and probability of the student graduating within the allotted time frame.
2. The student must make a term GPA of 2.5
3. The student must complete 75% of all courses attempted during the term.
4. All courses taken must apply toward the completion of the approved degree audit.
5. This appeal will expire when the student reaches 150% completion rate of the approved degree audit.
6. Completion of this form does not guarantee the Financial Aid appeal will be approved.
Student Signature:
Advisor Signature:
Office Note: Please give a completed copy to the student including the signed degree audit.
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Email to: Fax to: 903.463.3908
Students are REQUIRED to use their GC canvas account or their GC email account for all electronic communication. GC faculty and staff will not reply to student
communication that is sent through an email account other than their GC issued email account or canvas account in order to ensure the identity of the student
when communicating electronically.