Student Name:
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Student Date of Birth:
City, State, Zip:
Student Email:
Student Phone:
Student Alternate Phone:
I am filing this appeal for the following semester:
I understand that I am on Financial Aid Suspension for the following reason(s):
(check all that apply)
What is your current major? ________________________________
Are you submitting a change of major for the term you are filing to attend: □ YES □ NO
What major will you be pursuing? ____________________________________
Does the program/major your entering require acceptance: □ YES □ NO
Have you been accepted into the program above: □ YES □ NO
In order to complete your appeal process, you must attach:
1. A typed letter to the Grayson College Appeals committee that answers the following
questions: (Computers and printers are available in the Grayson College Library)
a. Why did you fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress? (*see back page)
b. What mitigating circumstances (*see back page) did you have that made it
difficult to make Satisfactory Academic Progress? Make sure to explain each
failed or withdrawn semester on transcript.
c. What has changed to improve the mitigating circumstance?
2. Provide documentation that will support your claims for the mitigating circumstance(s).
3. Meet with an Academic Advisor to have a degree audit filled out as well as the
Academic Advisor Agreement form.
By signing this document I certify that the explanation, documentation and information I have provided is true and
correct. I understand it may take up to 45 days from the time I submit my appeal to receive a decision.
(<67% Cumulative Completion Rate)
(<2.0 Cumulative)
(Attempted cumulative >150%)
Choose One
SAP: Satisfactory Academic Progress means a GPA of 2.0 or Higher. A completion rate of at least 67% or
higher, and the attempted program hours have to be less than 150% of published program length.
Financial Aid Suspension: A status assigned to a student who does not have financial aid eligibility or who
failed to meet the requirements of their Academic Plan.
Financial Aid Warning: A status assigned to a student who fails to maintain SAP. The student is permitted
to receive Title IV funds for one additional payment period(s). If by the end of that semester the student
still does not fulfill eligibility requirements the student's status will change to Financial Aid Suspension.
GPA: Cumulative GPA must be greater than equal to a 2.0 on transcript.
Pace: The total number of hours the student has successfully completed divided by the number of hours the
student has attempted. Must be greater than or equal to 67%.
Maximum Timeframe: Hours cannot exceed 150% of the published length of the program. Ex: total
number of credits to receive General studies degree is 60 credits, you cannot exceed 90 credits.
Academic Plan: A status assigned to a student who successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension.
Students who are placed on an Academic Plan must maintain a 2.5 semester GPA and 75% completion rate
during the semester until they regain eligibility or they graduate.
Appeal: A process for a student who fails to maintain SAP to petition the school for a reconsideration of
eligibility to receive Federal Title IV funds, State, Exemptions and other financial aid funds.
*Mitigating circumstances: Are situations beyond the student's control and may include: a death, injury, or
illness of the student or in the immediate family or other special circumstances.
Mitigating circumstances DO NOT include:
Student felt overwhelmed
Student did not like the instructor or had a conflict with the instructor
Student did not understand college and wasn't ready or mature enough
Death or illness of a friend or relative not in immediate family
Withdrew or stopped attending to avoid a bad grade
Student states: Nobody told me that would affect me
Approved Appeal: Student will be placed on an Academic Plan and will have to meet terms of plan as
stated in approval letter.
Denied Appeal: Student will not be eligible to receive certain types of financial aid. Including Federal,
State, and some institutional scholarships.
Grayson College Financial Aid
6101 Grayson Drive, Hwy 691 Denison, TX 75020-8299
Email to: Fax to: 903.463.3908
Students are REQUIRED to use their GC canvas account or their GC email account for all electronic communication. GC faculty and staff will not reply to student
communication that is sent through an email account other than their GC issued email account or canvas account in order to ensure the identity of the student when
communicating electronically