Note taker Instructions
Thank you for agreeing to act as a note taker for one of your classmates with a disability.
Take clear and legible notes.
Attend class on a regular basis.
Provide a Xeroxed or carbon copy of your notes to the student with a disability or bring them to the
Office of Disability Services for copying. Note: we cannot reimburse for copies made and paid for
elsewhere on or off campus.
Make copies of your notes available as soon as possible after the class.
Maintain the disabled student's confidentiality by not revealing their name or other disability related
information about them to others.
Student note takers are paid on a bi-weekly basis for one and a half hours per week, at $8.50 an hour, per
In order to be hired, you must sign up for the note taker job with the Office of Disability Services
located in College Hall 104. Please complete and sign the Note taker Form.
If you have never had a job on campus before, you must go to the Payroll Office in College Hall 204A
and complete the following forms:
1. 1-9 form
2. W-4 form
3. Direct Deposit Form
After filling out the necessary forms with the payroll office, you must log your hours into BannerWeb and
submit them on a bi-weekly basis. One week you will submit your time sheet for approval and the next week
you will be paid. If you have questions about getting paid or what week to submit your time sheet go to:
here you will find biweekly pay dates and how to submit
retroactive hours for payment.
If you need assistance with logging onto BannerWeb you should contact ITS at 585-4487. After logging onto
BannerWeb, you will select the appropriate biweekly time sheet. Under Student On Campus Hours, you will
put 1.5 hours in on the 1st Monday of the pay period and 1.5 hours on the 2nd Monday of the pay period - do
not split the time over the days of the week. If you are copying your notes in more than one course for a
student with a disability then add the appropriate additional hours (1.5 per week) in the same way. For
example if you are providing a student with notes for two courses instead of one course, your time sheet will
have 3 hours on the 1
Monday and 3 hours on the 2
Monday for the pay period. Then submit your time
sheet for approval by noon on the Friday your time sheet is due. See link above for biweekly pay dates.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call ext. 2071 or stop by the Office of Disability Services at
College Hall - Room 104.
Office of Disability Services
College Hall 104
Notetaker Form
Please provide the office with:
1. Your Name:____________________________________________________
2. Semester: ______________________________________________________
3. Campus Address: ________________________________________________
4. Phone: _________________________________________________________
5. Email:__________________________________________________________
6. Student ID: _____________________________________________________
*** (if you are not a Smith student, please provide your SS#)
7. Name and number of Course: ________________________________________
8. Name of Student: __________________________________________________
I have submitted all the necessary forms to payroll. I understand that the Office of Disability
Services pays 1.5 hour per week that I take notes. I understand that I must log my hours into
BannerWeb on Friday's by noon time or I will not get paid the following week.
I can come to the Office of Disability Services to make copies of my notes or use carbon paper
(found in Disability Services Office) while notetaking. Note that we cannot reimburse for copies
made and paid for elsewhere on or off campus.
I am to share my notes directly with the student or I can make arrangements for the student to
colled the notes at Office of Disability Services. I also understand that the name of the student I
take notes for should be kept confidential.
Signed: ____________________________________________________________