OCR Electronic Appeals Form
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* OCR Case number:
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If you have multiple cases you would like to appeal, you must submit a separate form for each
Institution against which the complaint was filed:
Your name:
Only a person originally named as a complainant in a case may file an appeal. If you would
like someone else to file an appeal on your behalf, you must first provide OCR with your
written authorization (unless OCR has already received such authorization earlier in the case).
If the complaint was filed on behalf of a minor child who has since reached the age of majority
(18), that child must provide OCR their written authorization to proceed before an appeal may
be filed.
Date of the determination and/or dismissal that you want to appeal:
This is the date on the letter you are appealing. You have 60 calendar days from this date to file
your appeal. If you wish to file an appeal more than 60 days after the date of the
determination, you must request a waiver of the 60-day timeliness requirement and provide the
reason you did not file within the 60-day period. Waivers are discretionary.
Reason for not filing appeal within 60 days: [3000-character limit]
Allegation that is the subject of your appeal:
race or color
national origin
retaliation because you filed a complaint or asserted your rights
Boy Scouts Equal Access Act
If there is only one allegation investigated in your case, you can leave this blank. If there was
more than one allegation investigated in your case, you must specify the allegation you are
appealing, or your appeal may not be processed.
Basis for appeal: [15,000 character limit]
When you fill in the text box blanks explaining the basis for your appeal, you may wish to refer
to specific, identified evidence in the record (e.g., “I submitted the October 15, 2017 IEP along
with my complaint”). In the appeal, you must explain why you believe the factual information
was incomplete, inaccurate, the legal analysis was incorrect of the appropriate legal standard
was not applied, and how correction of any errors would change the outcome of the case.
Supporting documentation:
Do not re-submit documentation that you previously submitted to OCR. If you have
documentation that supports your appeal and that was not previously submitted to OCR, you
should forward it, electronically or by mail, to Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of
Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20202; if electronically, to
OCR@ed.gov; if via fax, to 202-453-6012. Include the OCR case number in your submission.
Supporting documentation must be submitted to the regional office within 10 (ten) calendar
days of your submission of the appeal.