the one
whose memory I want to honor.
Be the one.
the one
whose memory I want to honor.
Be the one.
Be the one.
He’s the one
whose memory I want to honor.
On April 13, 2006, Diane Waits’ son, Army Specialist Andrew Waits
was killed in combat in Iraq. Diane knew that his dream had always
been to become a police ofcer. She also knew she could be the
one who honors that dream, and his memory, by donating to the
OCC Foundation. By funding scholarships for other worthy students
who share Andrew’s dream, Diane has ensured that the memory of
her son lives on … and that, in a very real sense, Andrew continues
to serve his community and his country.
For more information on how you can be the one who makes a
difference in a student’s life, contact the OCC Foundation today.
Payroll Gift Deduction
Please send completed form to the OCC Foundation House.
I hereby authorize the Payroll Deduction Department of Oakland Community College to deduct from my wages the following amount (no less than $5.00)
each pay (no less than 26 pay periods) for my tax-deductible contribution to the Oakland Community College Foundation.
OR Please continue my deductions until further notice. $
General Purpose
Specic Purpose
Employee Status: Administration Classied
Maintenance Management Staff
Faculty Op. Engineers
Public Safety
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Employee Signature Date
For questions and information, contact the OCC Foundation at ext. 2137
Be the one.
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