Off Campus Expected Behavior 04/11/18
ff Campus Individual/Group Visitations
Expected Behaviors
All students are adults and therefore responsible for their own decisions within
these guidelines:
Students are encouraged to be in pairs at all times.
Students are discouraged from going anywhere alone.
Students are seen as representatives of the university and will conduct
themselves as professionals at all times.
Students will attend all scheduled events.
Students will dress in a professional manner.
Students will follow all applicable laws of the host state as well as all
rules, regulations and policies of Southeastern including but not limited to
those found in the Student Code of Conduct and the Drug and Alcohol
Each member of the group traveling represents not only their own integrity but
also the integrity of the department and Southeastern as well.
I, __________________________, have read and understand the expected
behaviors required of me during this approved off-campus visitation. I agree to abide by
these guidelines while on this trip.
Name:_____________________________________ Date:______________________
Dean of Students
Student Union RM 2409, SLU 10346, Hammond, LA 70402 | Phone: (985)
549-3792 Fax: (985) 549-5647 |
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