Notification of Items Purchased on PCard and Shipped to Residences
This form is to be completed by each PCard holder and approved by that employee’s supervisor for all
purchases made using the PCard and shipped to an off-campus address. This notification process has
been developed after consultation with peer institutions in Arkansas. As a reminder all purchases
related to COVID-19 spend must be reported using a separate form located here.
The allowance for shipments to any address other than an official University location is only
permitted during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.
Cardholder: Complete all fields. You may enter multiple purchases on each form you submit. Upon
completion of the form forward the form via email to your supervisor. Submit approved form with your
PCard log.
Supervisors: Forward form with your approval indicated via email to and CC the
cardholder. This will allow the cardholder to have the approved form to submit with PCard log.
By completing, submitting, and approving this form I agree that all property purchased on the PCard
and delivered to an address other than an on-campus address remains the property of ATU and will be
returned to ATU upon employee's return to on-campus duties.
Date of Submission:
Cardholder Name:
Cardholder Email:
Date of
Description of Item
Purpose of Purchase
(online instruction,
continuity of
operations etc)
Employee Purchased