Notification of Absence
Due to Participation in a Nazareth-Sanctioned Activity/Event
Students participating in Nazareth-sanctioned activities shall not be penalized for an absence due to the activity as long as
the student notifies the instructor prior to the absence according to the procedures below. This means that students will
be allowed to make up any work missed due to the excused absence without penalty, and the absence will not be counted
against the students.
Examples of sanctioned activities include but are not limited to participation in Nazareth-authorized athletic competitions,
performances, club-sponsored conferences and presentations, academic conference presentations, activities and events
sponsored by the Center for Life’s work, college-supported short-term study abroad programs or other
extracurricular or co-curricular activities.
To avoid being penalized for an absence due to participation in a Nazareth-sanctioned activity, the student must submit
this form to the instructor of the course in conflict by the end of the first week of classes or as soon as the student is
made aware of a conflict if after the first week. In addition, the student will work with the faculty member in advance of
the absence to determine a plan for completing missed work and/or submitting assignments. It is the student’s
responsibility to follow through on the agreement.
See the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the
Nazareth Undergraduate Catalog
for more information.
Note to student: Give a copy of this form to the faculty member of the course in conflict and keep a copy or save in
your computer for your own records.
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Student Name (First and Last) Student ID # Student Signature
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Course Subject and Number
Course Title Course Instructor
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Sanctioned Activity/Event
Coach, Faculty or Staff Sponsoring the Activity/Event
Date(s) when the activity/event conflict(s) with the course:
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Date Departure time Return time
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Date Departure time Return time
________________________ ____________________ ______________________
Date Departure time Return time
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