The EHNAC commission created the Non-compliant Notification System (NNS) to allow
the “public” to notify EHNAC of a candidate or accredited organization’s suspected non
compliance with EHNAC criteria for accreditation. The “public” refers to trading partners or
business associates of an EHNAC candidate or an EHNAC accredited entity.
In order to create an equitable process by which trading partners may submit notification of
suspected non-compliance with EHNAC’s criteria by candidates or accredited organizations,
the EHNAC executive committee and commissioners have adopted and will utilize the
process as described on the EHNAC Web site.
If you have a non-compliance issue that you would like to report, please complete the
following form and email to Submission of this form must include ALL
the submitter’s contact information and must identify specific criteria with which there has
allegedly been non-compliance.
In order for EHNAC to properly assess the situation you are reporting, the commission will
need documented evidence of the accredited organization’s alleged non-compliance with
EHNAC’s criteria. The documents you present as evidence should be in Microsoft Word or
Microsoft Excel format. Supporting evidence that shows that non-compliance beyond a doubt
must be uploaded and submitted to
Please note that the accredited organization you are reporting will be notified
of the non-compliance notification, if the commission concludes the evidence
supports the submission.
NotifiCatioN proCess
EHNAC urges you to attempt to resolve issues
with your accredited trading partner before
submitting a notification.
Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission
Name of Organization:
Contact Name:
Contact Street Address:
Contact Street Address 2:
Contact City:
Contact State:
Contact Postal Code:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact E-mail Address:
Alleged Non-compliant Accrediting Organization:
Identification of all criteria for which the Accredited Organization is alleged to be out of
compliance. Evidence of non-compliance must be furnished, i.e., uploaded, to EHNAC in
either Excel or Word format.
Phone: 860-408-1620
Web site:
Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission