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How to use this form
This form must be used to issue a notice of rent increase to the tenant(s) only after the landlord has
successfully applied for an additional rent increase for eligible capital expenditures
The decision from the application for Additional Rent Increase for Eligible Capital Expenditures must be
attached to this form
Important information about this form
This form is used by the landlord to notify the tenant(s) of a rent increase. The landlord must serve this
notice on the tenant at least three months before the rent increase is to go into effect.
Once a year, the landlord may increase the rent for the existing tenant. The landlord may only increase
the rent 12 months after the date that the existing rent was established with the tenant(s) or 12
months after the date of the last legal rent increase for the tenant(s), even if there is a new landlord or
a new tenant by way of an assignment.
A landlord must give a tenant at least 3 whole months’ notice, in writing, of a rent increase. For
example, if the rent is due on the first day of the month and the tenant is given notice any time in
January, even January 1
, there must be three whole months before the rent increase begins. In this
example, the months are February, March, and April, so the rent increase would begin on May 1
. The
landlord must use this form and must serve it accordance to the Act.
A landlord or a landlord’s agent must not collect a rent increase in any other way other than in
accordance with Part 3 of the Act.
A notice sent by mail (which is one method of service) is deemed to be received on the 5
day after it
was mailed. For example, a rent increase served to a tenant on or before January 31
, could be
effective May 1
; a rent increase served by registered mail should be mailed on or before January 26
for the increase to be effective on May 1
A landlord may only impose a rent increase up to the amount calculated in accordance with the
regulations or as ordered by an arbitrator. The Residential Tenancy Branch has provided calculators on
our website to assist landlords and tenants to ensure that the additional rent increase is imposed
correctly. See web tools here.
Notice of Additional
Rent Increase
Eligible Capital Expenditures
#RTB- 53
Form Sections
Section 1: Tenant Information
Section 2: Landlord Information
Section 3: Details of Rent Increase
Section 4: Notice of Rent Increase
Section 5: Declaration
Residential Tenancy Branch
Office of Housing and Construction
Standards RTB-53 (2021/07)
Your personal information is collected under section 26 (a) and (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of
administering the Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act. If you have any questions regarding the collection of your
personal informati
on, please contact an information officer by calling 604-660-1020 in Greater Vancouver; 250-387-1602 in Victoria; or
1-800-665-8779 elsewhere in British Columbia.
Residential Tenancy Branch
Office of Housing and Construction Standards
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Unit/Suite #
Street Address (e.g. 123 Fort Street)
Postal Code
First Name
Last Name
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Mailing Address (if different from the rental unit)
Province or State
First Name
Last Name
Business Name (if business)
Email Address
Contact Phone number__
Address (e.g. #4 123 Fort Street)
Province or State
Postal or ZIP Code
Use Form #RTB-26 Schedule of Parties to include additional parties and/or a separate mailing address. Submit
with this application.
Rental Unit Address
To the Tenant(s):
From the Landlord:
Providing additional landlords or separate mailing addresses
I am including Form #RTB-26 for additional parties
Residential Tenancy Branch
Office of Housing and Construction Standards
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Current rent
Rate of annual allowable rent increase being applied.
Must be the annual allowable at the time the increase takes
Amount of annual allowable rent increase being imposed
(Line 1 x Line 2)
Rent after annual allowable rent increase is applied
(Line 1 + Line 3)
Maximum additional rent increase for this year.
Additional rent increases are capped at a maximum 3% per year.
(Line 4 x 0.03)
Amount of additional rent increase granted by the arbitrator for
this specific tenant based on eligible capital expenditures (see
attached decision).
Amount of additional rent increase that may be imposed this year
(The lesser amount between Line 5 and Line 6)
*If Line 6 is less than Line 5, then the full amount of additional
rent increase may be imposed this year
Additional rent increase based on eligible capital expenditures
being applied. This amount cannot exceed the amount on Line 5
If this is Phase 2 or 3 of the additional rent increase for capital
nditures, enter the figure on Line 11 of the previous year's
Notice of Rent Increase.
Residential Tenancy Branch
Office of Housing and Construction Standards
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By signing below, I certify that:
I am the landlord or an authorized agent of the landlord and that all information that is being
provided in this application is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
Landlord or Agent Name (please print) _______________________________________
Total amount of rent increase that may be imposed this year
(Line 3 + Line 8)
New monthly rent
(Line 1 + Line 9)
emaining eligible rent increase amount
(Line 6Line 8)
Date of Last Rent Increase
(Landlord must complete one of
the boxes)
Date last rent increase came into
effect: (DD/MM/YYYY):
If this is your first rent increase,
enter the date rent was
established: (DD/MM/YYYY)
Your new rent will be (Line 10):
Payable starting on (must be at least 3 months from receipt of this
notice and at least 12 months since the rent was established or the last
increase): (DD/MM/YYYY)
Information regarding last rent increase or when rent was first established
Any remaining amount a
fter Phase 3 cannot be imposed by the
landlord in any future rent increase.
Residential Tenancy Branch
Office of Housing and Construction Standards
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Landlord or Agent Signature
Date Signed (DD/MM/YYYY)
Email: Note: Evidence cannot be submitted by email.
Information Line: 1-800-665-8779 (toll free) - DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER FOR YOUR HEARING
In Person: Lower Mainland
400 - 5021 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC, V5H 4A5
Outside of Lower Mainland
Visit one of our many Service BC Offices, listed at
Residential Tenancy Branch Contact Information
For more information about additional rent increases, visit our website at:
The Residential Tenancy Branch also has various web tools available to assist landlords and tenants with
additional rent increases for capital expenditures. You may access the web tools on our website here:
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