Christmas Parade Registration Form and Information
The North Charleston Christmas Parade Committee and the City of North Charleston cordially invite your
organization to participate in the 2019 Christmas Festival and Parade on Saturday, December 7, 2019,
from 4:00-8:00pm. Registration fees from the Christmas Parade benefit the city’s annual “Families in
Need” fund.
The Christmas Festival will take place at historic Park Circle at the Felix Davis Community Center. Parade
line-up is staged on Mixson Avenue & Lackawanna Blvd. Line-up takes place from 2:00pm-3:30pm. Do
not be late; otherwise your location in the line-up zone may be inaccessible, denying your participation in
the parade. Participants should access the line-up via West Enterprise Street. Entering the line-up from
East Montague Avenue is not allowed by police. The parade begins at 5:00pm by turning left onto East
Montague Avenue, traveling down and around Park Circle, then returning via East Montague Avenue to
the starting line-up area at Mixson and Lackawanna, where floats can break down and busses can load.
We anticipate the parade completing by 5:30pm. This will allow participants plenty of time to get to the
Felix Davis Community Center to enjoy the rest of the Christmas Festival, which continues until 8pm. All
entrants arriving in large vehicles that are not part of the parade (school busses, church vans, etc.), must
park in designated parking areas at Armory Park and Danny Jones, as indicated on the attached map.
Please keep the map for your records. Directions to line-up: from I-526, take Exit 19 for North Rhett
Avenue, then turn right onto North Rhett Avenue. Take the first right onto Braddock Avenue, then slight
left onto Iroquois Street, which ends at East Enterprise Street. Take a left onto East Enterprise Street.
Volunteers will be posted for parade check-in at West Enterprise Street & Lackawanna Blvd. Please refer
to the map on the back of this letter. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE PARADE LINE-UP AREA VIA
or meet your group, from Iroquois Street, turn left onto Lancaster Street.
Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and SPACE IS LIMITED to 70 entries.
How to register:
1. Complete the following entry form and sign the acceptance of Parade Rules and Liability Waiver.
2. Return your entry form and waiver, along with $20 processing fee (checks/money orders payable
to City of North Charleston) NO LATER THAN 5:00PM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2019 to:
Mail: City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department
ATTN: Christmas Parade
PO Box 190016
North Charleston SC, 29419
Fee payments via credit card may be processed over the phone by calling (843) 740-5854.
3. An e-mail will be sent confirming your space in the parade on or before November 15, 2019.
NOTE: Application must be completed in full to be allocated a space. Any business or organization
who will be represented in/on your entry or float must be included in the information you provide.
Failure to abide is cause for removal from the parade line-up prior to the event.
Contact information:
Name of Organization/Group: _______________________________ Phone: ___________________
Email: _____________________________ Name of org/group leader: ________________________
Street Address: ___________________________ City:_______________ State: _____ Zip: _______
Category: (Check one)
__ Business/Corporate __ Community Org or Non-profit __ Pre-School __Church
__ School or Marching Band __ Cheer or Dance Group __ Media
__ Live Singing (solo) __ Live Singing (group/choir) __ Band __ Recorded Music
Marching Units or Walking Groups:
Approximate number of youth under age 18 in marching unit or group _____ Number of adults_____
Full description of unit or group _______________________________________________________
Vehicular or towed unit information:
We must know what type of vehicle(s) you are entering in the parade.
NOTE: Limit of two vehicles per entry (unless otherwise noted)
Example: 1 truck + 1 boat = two vehicles or 1 small/large pickup truck + 1 trailer = two vehicles
___ Small Pickup Truck ___ Large Pickup Truck ___ Car ___ Convertible ___ SUV ___ Van
___ Trailer (trailer is ___ feet long) ___ Boat on a trailer (boat is ___ feet long)
___ Motorcycle Club (limit 8 bikes) ___ Car Club (limit 5 cars)
___ Renting a professional float? (Check provider) ___ Southeastern Rental Float
___ Rental Float by Allen’s
___ Other: _______________________________________________________________________
(Examples: bicycle, skateboard, emergency vehicle, fire truck, golf cart, or antique car)
Special requests or special needs: __________________________________________________
(Requests will be considered, but not guaranteed.
__ Check #________ __ Money order #________ __ Credit Card (complete info below)
(Make payable to City of North Charleston)
Name on Credit Card: ______________________ Credit Card #_____________________________
Expiration (mm/yy): _______ Sec Code (3 digit code on back): ______ Billing Zip Code: __________
(All info is required to process CC payment; please print clearly.)
City of North Charleston Christmas Parade
1. There will be only one Santa Claus in our parade and he rides on our City Fire Truck. Do not
dress up as Santa Claus, it confuses the children.
2. Each entry is allowed a MAXIMUM OF TWO VEHICLES (with the exception of motorcycle and
car club entries). If you arrive with more than what is indicated on your entry form, you will be
turned away.
3. All entries, including golf carts and cars, must be well lit and decorated. Marching units are
encouraged to use glow sticks, tinsel, reflective tape, and other portable light sources.
4. All music played, sung, or performed should be holiday themed.
5. All participants must enter the parade line up area from West Enterprise Street. Refer to map
provided. Call 843-740-5854, PRIOR TO PARADE DAY if you need directions.
6. Groups may not purposefully stop to perform along the route; all participants must keep the
parade moving. Gaps in the parade line make onlookers think the parade is over and then
they start to walk in the street - this is not safe! We repeat: KEEP MOVING!
7. Any generators used for lighting cannot be set up inside of an enclosed vehicle.
8. No giveaways or candy may be thrown from moving vehicles. Any candy or promotional items
must be handed out by walkers.
9. Participants cannot join or leave during the parade at any time. Getting on/off floats and
vehicles while the parade is in progress is strictly prohibited.
10. All entries with children must have adults walking/riding with them throughout the entire event.
11. Use of fire or open flames is not allowed.
12. No participant will be allowed to ride on the hood or roof of any vehicle.
13. No political campaigning is allowed on any entries in the parade.
14. The undersigned agrees that all participants may be photographed or videotaped and that
these images may be published in an outlet used to promote or publicize the event.
Entries must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow all instructions from
police and parade officials. The City of North Charleston reserves the right to remove any
entrant from the parade at any time if the entrant fails to follow parade rules.
In consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby, for myself, my child and all participants of my entry, my heirs,
executors and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I, my child or entry
participants may have against the City of North Charleston and its representatives, successors and assigns for any and all
injuries suffered by myself or my child or any entry participants at any activity sponsored by these groups. I have read in
its entirety the general rules of the entry guidelines for participating in the City of North Charleston Christmas parade and
agree to accept full responsibility of the compliance of this entry and all participants associated therewith, and for any
liability inherent with this entry’s participation in the City of North Charleston Christmas parade.
I understand that if I fail to comply with all the guidelines and rules for participation that my entry will be removed from the
parade line-up.
Name of Group or Participant: ________________________________ Date: _____________________________
Authorized Representative Signature: _________________________ Print: _____________________________
Submit $20 fee, signed waiver, and completed entry form to:
City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department
ATTN: Christmas Parade
PO Box 190016
North Charleston SC, 29419
Phone: (843)740-5854
** Emailed applications without credit card information entered will not be processed until payment is received.
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