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Greensboro, NC 27411
Telephone (336)
285-2580 Fax (336) 334-7131
(Please do not use abbreviations.)
Organization Type: Student Faculty/Staff
Contact Person: __________________________________________ Contact Number: ______________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: _______ Zip: _______ Email Address:____________________________
Event Name: _______________________________________________ Open to the Public? ___________
Alternate Da
______________________________________ Estimated Attendance: _______________
Event Start Time: ________________________________________
Event End Time: _________________
Please provide a brief description of your event:
Advertising Method: __________________________________ (Advertising should not begin prior to event confirmation)
Scheduler:______________________ Date Rec'd _____________
Reference #:________________
Please complete reverse side of reservation request form.
Facility Desired: Harrison Auditorium Aggie Stadium Corbett Gym Moore Gym Farm Shelter
(check all that apply)
Alternate Facility:____________________________________________ Date(s) Desired:____________________
Is this a ticketed event?____________
Is this a catered or concession event
Will there be a DJ?
(Pre-Sale $ ______ Door Sale $ ______ (Door sales require Univ. Police Coverage)
Will there be tents/inflatables?
EQUIPMENT/RESOURCE REQUEST Equipment/Resources available for Harrison Auditorium events ONLY.
(Specify the amount of each item selected. Please note resources are limited)
Tables and Chairs: ______6ft ______Chairs Microphones: ______ Cordless ______ Floor _____ Lavalier
Audio/Visual: ______Piano _____ Projector _____Screen ______ Monitors _______ Mic Stand
Resources: _______ Dressing Room(s) _______ VIP Room
_____ 1.
The University Event Center Reservation Request(s) must be completed and submitted to the University Event Center
Fifteen (15) WORKING DAYS prior to any event in order to ensure timely processing, confirmation of availability, and any
costs associated with the production of the event.
Internal submissions (Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments, University affiliated organizations, etc.) submit via the
online 25 Live scheduling system.
External submissions (Community, private events, outside organizations, and those not affiliated with the University,
etc.) submit via the University Event Center Reservation Form.
_____ 2.
_____ 3.
All major events soliciting payment for admission and/or offering FREE admission require ticketed admission and must be
coordinated through the University Ticket Office via the University Event Center.
_____ 5.
Compliance with all University building policies and procedures is required at all times for all events. Inappropriate conduct or
any misuse of a facility may result in the suspension and/or termination of the right to request or reserve space.
Publicity concerning on-campus events/activities should not begin before the organization or the requester
has received
confirmation of the reservation from the University Event Center. THIS REQUEST FORM IS NOT A CONFIRMATION OF
YOUR REQUEST. Any written/online materials to be used for the marketing of on-campus events must first receive stamped
approval from the Office of Student Activities. Failure to procure such approval may result in the cancellation of the event and
may result in the suspension and/or termination of the right to request or reserve space.
The University Event Center may, at any time, reassign or cancel a reservation/confirmation if, due to unforeseen or
uncontrollable circumstances, the space reserved must be used for other purposes in the best interest of the institution or such
reservation is deemed outside of the overall University mission and goal.
The University Events Center reserves the right to assign University Police coverage to any event deemed as a safety risk. The
sponsoring organization will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the event. Please note that all events requesting
door sales require University Police coverage. Please contact the University Police Department at (336) 334-7128 for security
related price estimates.
All Staff-Affiliated and Community events are subject to payment at the time of booking. Staff-Affiliated includes all personal
events hosted by current University Employees (this does not include students participating in on-campus internships or work-
study programs). Discounts vary based on space, and in some cases may not apply. Community includes all students, alumni, and
off-campus organizations/customers. Full payment is required at time of booking for all space request totaling $250.00 and under
including a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee. All space request exceeding this amount require a non-refundable deposit of
$500.00 (excluding Moore Gymnasium), with the remaining balance due two weeks prior to the event.
Rental Equipment (tables, chairs, tents, etc.) ordered and secured by the sponsoring organization is the sole responsibility of the
organization. Organization representatives
must be present to set-up and breakdown resources and must secure equipment pick-up
within 12 hours of event conclusion, unless otherwise directed by the University Event Center. The University Event Center is not
responsible for rental equipment.
I, the undersigned, have reviewed the policies set forth in this form and agree to all terms herein
Name (Please
Yes! I would like my event listed as a HOT EVENT on the Events Website.
______ 8.
______ 9
_____ 11.
All events taking place outdoors, held in venues holding 500 people or more and/or requiring ticket sales/distribution are
considered MAJOR EVENTS. These events often time require extensive logistical needs, including but not limited to staging,
sound/light equipment, campus security, musical performance/theatrical productions, etc. All persons/organizations planning
major events must complete and submit reservation request to the University E
vent Center no less than Thirty (30) Days prior
to the proposed event date. NO EXCEPTIONS
Open flames are not permitted inside campus facilities. All outdoor activities utilizing open flames, particularly “Cook Outs”,
require a University issued Burn Permit. Burn Permits may be obtained from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, after
the event has been confirmed by the University Events Center. All safety requirements as issued by the Office of Environmental
Health and Safety must be enforced at all times. The University Event Center, University Police Administration, and the Office of
Environmental Health and Safety reserve the right to reassign or cancel confirmed reservations if, due to unforeseen or
uncontrollable circumstances, the event poses a safety risk.
_____ 10.
Cancellation/Change of any event must be received by the University Event Center through written completion of the University
Event Center Event Cancellation/Change form no later than SEVENTY-TWO (72) HOURS prior to the event. Failure to
properly cancel a reservation will result in the forfeiture of the reservation deposit, suspension and/or termination of the right to
request or reserve space, and/or
full charge of all preparation costs for such event.
______ 6.