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North American Division
Graduate Hispanic Scholarship Fund
The North American Division Hispanic Scholarship Fund is designed to assist with financial aid for full-time
graduate and post-graduate Hispanic students who are North America Division-based, faithful Seventh-day
Adventist Church members in good standing, and whose financial resources are inadequate to enable them to
complete their graduate school education.
This fund is limited and disbursed on the basis of need, academic performance and church standing. The North
American Division’s Hispanic Scholarship is distributed according to the parameters established by the NAD’s
working policy.
1.The applicant must be a Seventh-day Adventist church member in good standing.
2.The applicant must be Hispanic, North American Division-based (intending to live and work in the United
States, Canada, Bermuda, Guam or Micronesia), and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States,
Canada, Bermuda, Guam or Micronesia. Students from other divisions who are in the United States or Canada
for educational purposes are excluded from this funding source.
3.The applicant must be an enr
olled full-time student (or taking a minimum of 12 hours per semester) in a
graduate professional school. Undergraduate, vocational or students seeking a certificate program do not
qualify for this scholarship. Preference will be given to students attending Seventh-day Adventist institutions;
however, grants may be awarded to students attending other accredited schools offering studies in approved
The applicant must submit verification of financial need based on information requested in the application,
and must be earning satisfactory grades.
5. In cases where family income is comparable, priority in the allocation of the funds will be given to students
who are from non-church-worker families.
6. If the applicant is married, only one family member is eligible for this scholarship assistance in a given year,
except in unusual circumstances.
7. A student may receive the scholarship once per school year. The applicant must request and complete a new
application and submit it for approval each year.
8. A student who is a member in a Seventh-day Adventist Hispanic Church that belongs to a Regional Confer-
ence needs to apply to the Regional Scholarship.
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Approved Courses of Study
Business Administration
Computer Science
Elementary and Secondary Education
Food Administration
Hospital Administration
Industrial Education
Physical Therapy
Physician’s Assistant
Public Health
Social Work
Speech Pathology
1. Complete and sign the student portion of the application.
2. If applicable, ask your parents to complete their financial section.
3. Ask your school registrar to verify your cumulative grade point average (GPA) and confirm that you are a
full-time student taking a minimum of hours as required per school year.
4. Request the stipulated signatures from your local conference Hispanic coordinator/director or your local
union Hispanic coordinator/director must sign the application form. If you do not know who that person is, ask
your Hispanic church pastor. The Hispanic coordinator/director will discuss with you your eligibility and will
sign the form.
5. Make a copy of the completed application with the information and signatures for your records. This is
very important, as some forms get lost in the mail.
6. Mail only pages 3 – 6 of this document to the office of:
Elder R. Ernest Castillo
NAD Vice President
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600
7. Applications are due February 28 or September 28. The NAD Committee meets to approve scholarship
grants. After the committee’s approval, the treasury office will issue a check for the approved amount or the
NAD Vice President will send a letter explaining why you aren’t eligible.
- 3 -
North American Division
Graduate Hispanic Scholarship Application
Please print clearly. Attach a blank sheet if you need more space.
Student Information
The NAD Hispanic Scholarship Committee and the NAD Committee for Administration have:
Approved this scholarship request for $
Denied this scholarship request due to
•Department Signature
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
City State Zip Code
Phone Cell
Marital Status
• Single
• Married
• Divorced
• Separated
Legal Status
• U.S. Citizen
• U.S. Permanent Resident
• Other
Please specify
Educational Information
Graduate School presently attending
Field of Study Degree sought
School’s official web site
Hours completed
Current year in graduate program 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Scholarship will assist school term beginning Month Year
Are you currently attending a SDA school? Yes No
If not, please state your reason for attending a non-SDA school
Name of last school attended
Degree earned
- 4 -
Student’s Financial Information
Are you currently employed Yes No
Name of employer Phone
IRS gross taxable annual income (joint if married)
Do you have any dependents Yes No If yes, how many?
Have you previously received assistance from the NAD Hispanic Scholarship Fund?
Yes No Total received Year
Field of study
Parents’ or guardians’ names
City State Zip Code
Phone Cell
Fathers employer Phone
Mothers employer Phone
Parent’s IRS gross taxable annual income (joint if married) $
(Ministers should include parsonage exclusion.)
Was the applicant claimed as a dependent on parents’ last tax return?
Yes No
Parents’ number of dependents
Parent’s Financial Information
- 5 -
Other Loans or Grants Received
Grant/Loan Balance Owed Monthly Payment Payable
Current Financial Obligations
Creditor Balance Owed Monthly Payment Purpose
Student’s Proposed Monthly Budget
Parental Aid
Student’s Income
Spouse’s Income
GI Benefits
Work/Study assistance
Other Income
Total $
Car Insurance
Total $
Monthly Income Monthly Expenses
- 6 -
ALL sections must be completed and signed.
I hereby state that the information given on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and that the
grant requested is needed to use toward completion of my graduate school education. I hereby indicate my
loyalty to the teachings/principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and my commitment to its objectives.
It is my plan to support the cause of God through the use of my training (giving first consideration to residing in
the North American Division territory).
Applicant’s Signature
Church Pastor
Applicant’s church membership is in
Church Address
I (print church pastors name) approve this student appli-
cant as a member in good standing and eligible for the North American Division Hispanic Scholarship grant as
Church Pastors Signature Date
Conference Coordinator/Director
The Conference approves this applicant as eligible for a North American
Division Hispanic Scholarship grant.
Conference Hispanic Coordinator/Director
Hispanic Coordinator/Directors Signature Date
School Appraisal
Name of graduate school:
Applicant’s cumulative GPA
Is this applicant a full-time student or taking at least 12 hours? Yes No
Signature of School Registrar
Signature of School Financial Advisor or Treasurer