Emeritus/Emerita Titles
Nomination Form
Name of Nominee:
Faculty: Date of Faculty Council Approval:
Start date with UofM: Date of Retirement:
Address of Nominee:
street city province/state
country postal code/zip code telephone
email address
Title Being Sought: President Emeritus/a Professor Emeritus/a
Senior Administrator Emeritus/a Dean (Director) Emeritus/a Librarian/Emeritus/a
Nominations will not be accepted without the following required documents:
A formal letter of nomination from the Dean which speaks specifically to each of the nomination criteria
and indicates the date of the closed session approval of the nomination.
(see page 3 of this document for
more information about criteria.)
Nominee’s abridged curriculum vitae containing details such as education, field of endeavour, a short
description of publications, if any, special awards, and distinguished service.
A citation (maximum 200 words) which must outline:
(see page 4 for more information about citations.)
background (department, etc.);
years of service;
special accomplishments for which the nominee is being put forward.
Notice Regarding Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information by the University
Your personal information is being collected under the authority of The University of Manitoba Act. The information you
provide will be used by the University for the purpose of verifying your eligibility to nominate a candidate, and for
communicating with you regarding this nomination. Information regarding nominations and awards may be made public.
Your personal information will not be used or disclosed for other purposes, unless permitted by The Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). If you have any questions about the collection of your personal
information, contact the Access & Privacy Office (tel. 204-474-9462), 233 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of
Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2.
Important Information:
Nominations must be submitted no later than March 31
With the exception of President Emeritus/a and Senior Administrator Emeritus/a, nominations must be
considered in closed session by Faculty/School Councils prior to being submitted
Nominees who have already retired or who have submitted their notice of retirement effective no later
than March 31 of the following year will be considered. The title will take effect upon approval by the
Board of Governors or upon retirement, whichever is later
Chancellor’s Committee
c/o Office of the University Secretary
The University of Manitoba
312 Administration Building
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Ms. Shelley Foster
Associate University Secretary (Board of Governors)
Telephone: 204-474-6165
(NOTE: Clicking the "SUBMIT" button should create a draft email with this Nomination Form automatically attached.
Please be sure to attach all necessary documentation before sending the email. If the button does not work, please
send materials to or to the above address.)
Emeritus/Emerita Titles
a. Nominee must have retired with the rank of Professor.
b. Nominee must have rendered distinguished service to the University through teaching, research, and
c. Nominee must have a record of excellence in teaching, including graduate student supervision, and
excellence in research, scholarship, and/or creative work.
d. Nominee must have a reasonable length of service with the University of Manitoba.
a. Nominee must have served as Dean (Director) for a minimum of five years.
b. Nominees shall have given distinguished service to his/her faculty or school during the term of office.
c. Title can be conferred at any time after the nominee’s term as Dean (Director) has ended.
d. Upon retirement from the University, a Dean (Director) Emeritus/Emerita is eligible to be considered for
the title of “Professor Emeritus/Emerita”.
a. Title may be conferred after retirement of any member of the Libraries staff of the University who has
held the rank of Librarian.
b. Nominees must have rendered distinguished service to the University and the profession.
c. Nominees must have a significant record in professional performance, teaching, research, and
d. It is expected that those nominated will have had some reasonable length of service with the University
of Manitoba.
a. Nominee must have served as President for at least five years.
b. Nominees must have rendered distinguished service to the University of Manitoba.
a. Nominee must have served as a Vice-President for at least five years, or in exceptional cases and upon
the recommendation of the President, must have served as a member of senior administration for at least
five years.
b. Nominees must have demonstrated excellence in leadership and administration, provided exceptional
contributions to the development of the University, and rendered distinguished service in a senior
administrative role.
Additional information respecting nominating candidates for emeritus/emerita titles can be found at:
The list of individuals who have received Emeritus/Emerita titles can be found at:
Emeritus/Emerita Titles
The citation is a statement of the significance of the candidate’s work as prepared by one of the nominators. It
is intended to state very briefly why a candidate should be elected, and is essentially a summary of the
nomination. The citation should establish that the candidate has achieved such distinction as described in the
relevant emeritus policies. Those preparing citations are asked to respect the limitation of length of 200 words.
The citation should concentrate on the candidate’s original contributions to research and scholarship and service.
To view examples of citations, please click HERE
The citation should be as readable as possible while sufficiently detailed in content to allow those considering
the nominations to make a confident assessment of the candidate’s work for voting purposes. When a candidate
is selected by the Chancellor’s Committee, the citation is the only document that will be circulated to the Board
of Governors to help them in their voting. If a nominee is approved, the citation may be used to inform and assist
in the preparation of an official citation for all related publications. The citation is therefore an important document
which should be carefully written and should contain as much useful information as possible.
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