No Release of Directory Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits CCAC from releasing certain information, including
student grades, Social Security number and other personally identiable information.
FERPA does, however, allow CCAC to release directory information on students—unless the student specically
requests that information be protected. CCAC’s directory information includes student’s current and former
name, postal and email address, registration period(s), number of credits, program of study and degrees awarded.
If you do not want this information to be shared with third parties, take this completed form to the registration
ofce at your campus. CCAC will add a note to your electronic record indicating that staff cannot release any
information, including directory information. Please note that by completing this action, the college may not
release any information—even when that information could be helpful to the student.
By signing this document, I authorize the Community College of Allegheny County to withhold all information
from third parties, including directory information.
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: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
No Directory Release form-CDI-JP-WS/SK-APR14
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