Newark & Sherwood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Determining whether a Development may be CIL Liable
Your development may be liable for a charge under the Community Infrastructure Levy if it involves
new build floor area. If your scheme is liable, this charge is payable after development begins. Details
of the Newark & Sherwood Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule may be found here:
Your answers to the questions on this form will enable the Council to establish whether or not your
development is liable for a charge, and if so to calculate it accurately from the floor areas you
provide. Misleading or inaccurate answers may result in a CIL charge that is higher than it needs to
be and in some cases additional surcharges may be imposed. Further information regarding the levy
can be found on the Planning Portal web pages:
1. Applicant Details
Applicant Names(s) :
Planning Portal Reference (if applicable) :
Site Address :
Description of Development :
2. Existing Use
If "Yes", please state how much gross internal floorspace you propose to demolish (square metres) :
Has the building or a part of a building, on the site been in use for a continuous period of at least six months within the
past thirty-six months? Yes/No
3. Proposed Use
Intended Use (please detail each proposed use)
Gross internal new build floorspace of each
intended use (m
Notes: Note: Gross internal floorspace is the internal area of the building, and should include
circulation and service space such as lifts and floorspace devoted to corridors, toilets, storage, etc.
4. Declaration
I/we confirm that the details given are correct.
Signed (must be the same signatory as application form):
Scanned Signature (Optional)
Print Name
Date Signed
Please note unless a subsequent change to the floorspace is agreed by the Council, the information
within this form will be used to calculate the amount of CIL payable, and which will be set out in
subsequent notices issues by the Council relating to its collection. It is an offence for a person to
knowingly or recklessly supply information which is false or misleading in a material respect to a
collecting or charging authority in response to a requirement under the Community Infrastructure
Levy Regulations (2010) as amended (regulation 110, SI 2010/948). A person guilty of an offence
under this regulation may face unlimited fines, two years imprisonment, or both.
5. Declaration - Assumption of Liability
I/we am/are the person(s) detailed at section 1 and I/we would like to assume liability for payment of any
applicable Community Infrastructure Levy under regulation 31 of the Community Infrastructure Levy
Regulations (2010) as amended. I/we hereby assume liability for the Community Infrastructure Levy charge
for the above development. I/we understand that I/we must submit a Commencement Notice in order to
secure the payment periods as set out in the District Council's adopted Instalment Policy. I/we am/are aware
of the surcharges I/we will incur if I/ we do not follow the correct procedures for paying the CIL charge. I/we
understand any communication and actions by the collecting authority to pursue me/us for the assumed
liability will be copied to the site land owners (as defined in CIL regulations).
Scanned Signature (Optional)
Print Name
Date Signed
If you wish to assume liability at a later date, please complete an `Assumption of Liability' form prior to
commencement of development. If you are a charitable institution or social housing provider and believe you
could benefit from exemption or relief, please complete a `Request for Claiming Exemption or Relief' form
which is available on the Councils website -
What happens next?
Should your application be liable for CIL and granted planning permission a Liability Notice will be issued,
alongside the Planning Decision Notice, setting out the CIL charge based on an assessment of the floorspace
information provided above.
You will then be required to submit a valid Commencement Notice stating the date on which you intend to
commence development. Upon receipt of this the Council will then issue a Demand Notice with precise details
of your payment arrangements, including instalment options, which will be payable from the date upon which
development commences. If a valid Commencement Notice has not been submitted before development
commences, payment will be due in full on the day that the Council believes the development to have
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