Admissions and Records Office
New Students
Apply for admission to Oxnard College at
First Step: If you haven’t- Apply online for your GI Bill benefits at
After VA processes your application, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility in the mail from the VA.
Please bring this letter with you when you have all required documents to get certified.
Second step: Apply for Financial Aid. Complete the FAFSA online at You may contact Rosleen
Aurora, she is the Financial Aid contact person for Veteran students. You may reach her by calling (805) 678-
5241 or by email at
Third Step: Make an appointment with the VA counselor by calling (805)678-5845. Appointments must be
made every semester to get the Service Form. If you have attended any prior institutions, take an unofficial
copy of your transcript with you to the counselor meeting and have one sent to the Admissions and Records
Office. Request official transcript by your 2nd semester! Students with outstanding transcripts at the end of
their second semester will not be certified until those transcripts are received by Admissions and Records.
Fourth Step: If you are receiving Chapter 33 and 35 and have been given Veteran Priority Registration, you DO
NOT need to pay immediately, If you are not using the above, you must pay at the time of registration.
Fifth Step: Turn in all documents below to the Admissions and Records Office once you are done finalizing
your class schedule. Paperwork cannot be accepted for certification no earlier than 30 days from the start of
the term. Please contact the admissions and records office for confirmation of acceptance date.
To comply with the VA regulations, official transcripts from all previous colleges, universities, or military
service must be on file in the Admissions & Records Office by your second semester before your benefits can
be recertified.
___Certificate of Eligibility for the Chapter of benefits that you are eligible for
___DD-214 if you were on active duty or DD-2384 Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) if in reserve
___Educational Program signed by the VA counselor (2 forms for new students and new major change).
___Veterans Agreement, enclosed
If you change your major, you must complete a NEW Educational Program with the VA counselor. Call the
Counseling Office at (805) 678-5845 to schedule an appointment with an academic counselor.
Additional information regarding using your benefits and getting started is available on-line through the
Oxnard College Admissions and Records website at:
Call the Admissions and Records Office at (805) 678-5810 if you have additional questions.
Section 1: Type of Benefits
Section 2: Request for Certification Term (Select Only 1): Spring 20____ Summer 20____ Fall 20____
Section 3: Veteran’s Agreement Read and Sign
A&R 11-22-19
4000 S Rose Ave, Oxnard, CA 93033 PHONE: (805) 678-5810
Select 1: Veteran Dependent
Select 1: New Student Continuning Student Returning Student
Select 1: Ch.30 Ch.31 (Voc Rehab) Ch.33 (Post 9/11) Ch. 35 Ch.1606 Ch.1607
me: _______________________________________________________ 900#: _______________________________
Last First MI
Current Address:_____________________________________________________________________________
Street / PO Box Apt # City Zip Code
Phone: (____) _____ - _________ Last Semester Attended at VCCCD: _________________________________
Term Year
Major: ___________________________________________________ Units Enrolled: ____________________
Have you used your benefits before? ______
____ Where? _____________________________ When?_____________
It is my responsibility to turn in this form to Admissions & Records with my CURRENT EDUCATION PLAN &
SCHEDULE every semester that I wish to be certified for.
I must have my COE or Statement of Benefits and DD-214 turned into Admissions & Records before I will be certified
I must have my official transcripts from all previous institutions and/or military service turned into Admissions &
Records by my second semester before any future certifications can occur.
I will only be certified for classes on my Education Plan.
Any changes to my schedule will be reported to VA and may affect my benefits.
I am financially liable for tuition and fees not covered by VA.
I am not repeating any college credit course that I have successfully completed
I will be in regular attendance for all classes I am certified for.
I understand that taking short term/accelerated courses may affect the amount of benefits I receive.
I understand that if I am receiving Chapter 33 benefits, and enrolled in ONLY online classes, I will not receive my full
Monthly Housing Allowance.
I understand that if I do not maintain a 2.0 GPA for three consecutive semesters VA will be notified, resulting in
withdrawal of Education Benefits.
I understand that communication regarding my certification will be done through myVCCCD email.
I hereby authorize the Oxnard College SCO to release information from my personal and veteran records to
authorized personnel at the Veteran’s Administration Office and/or my secondary school as necessary and agree to
abide by the terms listed above.
Student Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
A&R Office Use Only: VAONCE (Initial): _____________ SGASTDN (Initial): _____________ LIST (Initial): _____________
Date: _____________