New Student VA Check List
Connect with an Entry Specialist
Choose a program from our VA approved programs list.
Apply for Admissions,
Apply for Financial Aid,
Apply for VA Education benefits,
o Go to
and complete the application.
o You will receive a letter of eligibility from the VA. This will be needed to
complete your certification to VA.
o If you have used your benefits at another school, the following documents
are required:
1. Copy of your Letter of Eligibility, or print out from ebenefits, and
2. Copy of your VA Change of Program/Place of Training Form
Before you can register for classes, we need to assess and review your placement.
Previous college transcript, or
Previous assessment taken within 2 years, or
Take the Accuplacer assessment.
Register for your classes based on your Education Plan.
Bring the following documents to the VA office, in building 17, room 220.
1. Letter of Eligibility from the VA,
2. Education Plan,
3. Signed copy of your class schedule.
A signed copy of your class schedule is needed each quarter you
register in order for your VA certification to be processed.
Please read the following:
Remedial courses (math 92, math 94, math 99, English 91, and English 94) cannot be
certified if they are on-line or hybrid courses.
12 credit hours is full-time at Clover Park Technical College.
Have your official military transcripts sent to clover park technical college.
For Joint-Service transcripts, go to:
For Air Force transcripts, go to:
Activate Your CPTC Student Email
Official communications will be through email only.
Learn how to activate your CPTC email account at
For chapter 30/1606/1607, you are required on the last day of the month to verify your
attendance. Verification can be done one of two ways:
1. Telephone at 877-e-cert (877-823-2378).
2. Online at the web automated verification of enrollment (wave).
o Go to
and click on “verifying your attendance”, or
o Go directly to
Please note the difference between certification and verification. The VA office
performs enrollment certification. Students are responsible for verifying their
attendance with the VA educational center.
Attendance Verification
VA Attendance Verification Form is available online at or at the
VA office in building 17, room 220.
Important: On the first day of every new quarter, all VA students are required to submit
an Attendance Verification Form signed by your instructors to the VA office during the
first week of the quarter.
Veterans Resource Center
Be sure to stop by our Veterans Resource Center in bldg. 2, room 109. The center is a
quiet place to study, do homework, or search available resources for veteran students
and/or their families.
Veterans Resource Center Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am 4:30pm.
Phone number: (253) 589-5966.
Welcome to Clover Park Technical College
Student Statement of Understanding
I, ____________________________________, am responsible for taking the following actions:
1. Inform the certifying official immediately of changes to my student status, including
but not limited to:
Change of program
Change of course load (reduction/increase of classes/credits)
Withdrawal from classes
Change of address/contact information
2. Follow the official withdrawal procedures of the college if I should decide to withdraw
from a course, withdraw from the college, or take a leave of absence.
3. Maintain standards of satisfactory academic progress as set forth by the college.
These policies are intended to support a successful learning experience at Clover
Park Technical College. At the end of each quarter, grades of all students enrolled in
that quarter will be reviewed.
Any student whose quarterly GPA is under 2.0 will be encouraged to take advantage of the
assistance provided by the college to help assure student success. Students using state
waiver may lose eligibility for the waiver until their GPA is above a 2.0.
VA will not pay for classes that are not on your Education Plan. VA will not pay for you
to re-take a course you have already taken that meets a requirement on your Education Plan.
Once you are registered for classes, if you withdraw or increase your credit load without
notifying the VA Certifying Official, you will be responsible for the overpayment that will
occur. If you have changes that you would like to make to your schedule, do not do it online
or go to Enrollment Services/Registration. You must see the VA Certifying Official in building
17, room 220.
The following guidelines has been established to ensure academic standards are
Step 1: The first quarter in which the grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.0, the student
will receive a notification of the level of academic achievement. The student may not be
allowed to continue to the next course in accordance with established program prerequisites.
Step 2: If the student experiences two consecutive quarters of work in which the GPA is less
than 2.0, the student will be placed on academic probation for the following quarter of
Step 3: If a student experiences three consecutive quarters of work in which the GPA is less
than 2.0, the student will be suspended from attendance at the college and may not register
for the next academic quarter.
Students placed on academic probation or suspension may appeal to the academic review
committee for reassessment if they believe that unusual circumstances beyond their control
were the cause of their low academic achievement.
Financial aid recipients are subject to the satisfactory progress policy. Reinstatement to the
college following one quarter of academic suspension requires the student to meet with
Advising & Counseling to develop an educational plan. Upon reinstatement, the student will
resume classes on academic probation.
Step 4: Submit your class schedule once you have registered for your classes online. Please
make sure you have signed and dated the bottom of your schedule before you submit it.
Please sign and date and return this sheet to the VA Office.
I understand that failure to carry out all of the above may result in suspension of my education
benefits and subject me to liability for recovery of overpayment.
I, _______________________________________, have reviewed and understand all the
items above, have secured answers to my questions and certify that I will comply with all
regulations set forth by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Clover Park Technical College.
Student Signature: __________________________________________________
Student Identification Number: _________________________________________
Date: ______________________________
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