New Graduate Option
Note: The department will be notified of the dates fo
r EPPC, Academic Senate, WASC, and Chancellor's Office review.
Program Name: _____________________________________
Program named above is an option within:
(degree program name)
Department Contact(s) w/phone #(s):
Required Signatures
The Department of __________________________________________
has reviewed and approved this program
__________________________________________ ______________
Chair, Department Curriculum Committee Date
__________________________________________ ______________
Department Chair Date
The College of __________________________________________
has reviewed and approved this new program
__________________________________________ ______________
Chair, College Curriculum Committee Date
__________________________________________ ______________
College Dean Date
The Graduate Council has reviewed and approved this new program
______________ __________________________________________
Dean of Graduate Studies Date
Send sig
nature page with proposal attached to Curriculum Services at zip 128
Curriculum Review Completed ______________
Signature page and proposal
Rationale for new program
Catalog copy
Evidence of consultation with library
MAP (undergraduate Options only)
Evidence of consultation if adding courses from another
department (e-mail from Chair)