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Revised 9/21/18
New Jersey Marine Fisheries Administration
Terms and Conditions for Data Acquisition and Use
Principal investigators
________________________________________ ___________________________________
PI #1 Name Affiliation
___________________ ___________________ _____________________________
Phone Fax Email address
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PI #2 Name Affiliation
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________________________________________ ___________________________________
PI #3 Name Affiliation
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Collaborating scientists
Name Affiliation Email address
Support staff – Please list any other individuals with access to data, such as graduate students, data
analysts and database managers. If no names are available, please provide the approximate number of
Name Role
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Revised 9/21/18
Objective of study (attach additional sheets as necessary)
Duration of study
Data being requested (Please be as specific as possible, i.e. survey being requested, date ranges,
species of interest, raw vs. summarized data, etc. Attach additional sheets as necessary.)
Anticipated end product of study (check all that apply)
Peer review publication ____ Agency report ____ Fishery management report ___
Stock assessment ____ Scientific presentation ____ Graduate thesis ____
White paper ____ Presentation to public ____ Development permit ____
Other (please explain) __________________________________________________________
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Revised 9/21/18
By signing below, the requestor(s) acknowledge that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by
the following conditions for use of the requested data.
1. The requested data will be used only to meet the above stated objective of study. Changes to
the objective and/or extensions of the timeline must be reported to New Jersey Division of
Fish and Wildlife, Marine Fisheries Administration (Administration) staff and may require
additional approval.
2. Only the investigative team (i.e. individuals identified above as principal investigators,
collaborating scientists, or support staff) will be provided access to the data for the above
stated objectives of study. Changes to the investigative team must be reported to
Administration staff and may require additional approval.
3. Exclusive of item 2 above, requested data may not be distributed for any reason to other
parties by any individual or entity other than the Administration.
4. Requested data was collected following a specific experimental design tailored to a specific
purpose that may influence or constrain any subsequent analysis.
5. Requested data will be used in a manner consistent with any standards of integrity/honesty
mandated by the requestor’s institution.
6. The Administration will be acknowledged in all end products resulting from use of requested
data, and the Administration will have input on the form that acknowledgement takes (e.g.
simple acknowledgement, co-authorship, etc.).
7. Fulfillment of the data request does not constitute endorsement by the Administration of any
analyses or end products derived from the requested data.
8. The principal investigator(s) are responsible for ensuring the investigative team understands
and abides by the conditions set forth in this agreement.
9. Failure to abide by the above conditions is justification for denial of future data requests.
Principal investigator 1 Date Principal investigator 2 Date
Principal investigator 3 Date NJ MFA Date
Completed forms may be submitted to the attention of Joseph Cimino, Administrator, Marine
Fisheries Administration, by fax or U.S. mail to the following addresses.
FAX: (609) 748-2032 MAIL: NJ DFW
P.O. Box 418
Port Republic, NJ 08241