New Jersey Institute Of Technology
Office Of The Registrar
Application For New Jersey Resident Status
The purpose of this form is to provide sufficient information to make a determination
regarding your residency status at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Students
applying for resident tuition status must have been legal permanent residents
of the State of New Jersey twelve months prior to their initial enrollment at a
New Jersey institution of higher education.
Citizen and eligible non-citizen students 24 years old or younger are considered
dependents of their parents. Their residence will be determined by the legal domicile
of their parents for the purpose of tuition calculation.
International students who obtain permanent resident status in the United States are
not automatically eligible to pay New Jersey resident tuition rates. Upon receipt of their
permanent resident status they must document their eligibility to pay resident tuition
rates as defined by N.J.A.C. 9A:5-1 et seq. Eligible non- citizens must also meet the
12 month New Jersey residency requirement as noted above in Section I Domicile.
New Jersey residency for an eligible non- citizen will not begin until the date
eligible non-citizenship status is established. Living in New Jersey prior to
obtaining eligible non-citizenship status does not count toward the 12 month
residency requirement.
Former F-1 visa holders whose primary activity in New Jersey revolves around
their status as full-time students will continue to be assessed non- resident
tuition rates.
The complete policy governing tuition residency status can be found in the NJIT
Residence Policy.
ID _
Email Address
Complete application must be submitted no later than four weeks before the last day of
Permanent residents must submit a copy of both sides of their green permanent resident
rates may be deferred at the discretion of the university until receipt of the
(Green Card) Form I-551 provided tax returns, current domicile and family
status document the change in residency status.)
Dependent students whose parents or guardians holds H1-B visa may be eligible to
qualify for in-state tuition under the Tuition Equality Legislation NJ S2555 with the
following criteria.
Attended high school in NJ for three or more years
Graduated from a NJ high school (or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in
NJ) and
Registered as an entering student or the student is currently enrolled not earlier than the
fall semester of the 2013-14 academic year.
Please provide a copy of your high school transcript for any schools you attended for the last
three years. If you have already provided this information to the Office of Admissions, you are
not required to resubmit this information.
Required Documents
1. NJ. Income Tax return and W-2 Forms. Include parent’s return if you are 24
years old or younger.
2. Federal Income Tax Transcript and W-2 Forms. Include parent’s return if
you are 24 years old or younger. Instructions on how to obtain the transcript from the
IRS can be found at
3. Lease or Deed for local residence.
4. Utility bills.
5. Marriage certificate.
6. N.J. Driver's License.
7. Certification of full-time employment.
Your name:
Social Security Number:
Date of Birth Present Age
State of Birth Country of Birth
Home Address:
Length of time at present address
Last out-of-state address and date of abandonment:
Reason for abandoning last out-of-state address:
Name of Father:
Name of Mother: __
Address: ____
Students (and parents) seeking New Jersey resident tuition status must furnish the information
requested below. Please note that any false statements or withholding of pertinent information
will be referred to the Institute Committee on Professional Conduct.
A. If it is claimed that your parent or guardian is a legal resident of New Jersey even though the
address you have given is not in New Jersey, please state the basis for this claim.
B. If you claim that you have established a domicile in New Jersey as an independent person
(24 years or older), you must give the basis for this claim by means of an explanatory statement
under the applicable heading below.
1. I was married on_________________ to ____________________________ at
___________________________ and we have been living
at_____________________________ since_______________. My spouse was a
resident of the state of __________________________ at the time of marriage. (Supply a
copy of your marriage certificate)
2. I claim to be emancipated by mutual consent of myself and parents. Yes __ No __ a.
My parents contribute to my support. Yes __ No __
b. My parents claim me as a dependent on their tax return. Yes __ No __
(Supply a copy of parent's signed most recent federal tax return.)
3. I claim to be emancipated by virtue of formal court action.
Court: _______________________________________________________
(Attach copies of supporting documents)
4. I claim to be emancipated by virtue of
_________ death of both parents and no legal guardian;
_________ other causes.
Explain fully below and provide documentation:
C. I claim to have established my domicile at: __________________________. The address
which appears on my tax return is ________________________________.
(Provide copy of signed return).
D. I own my home in New Jersey at: ______________________________________
E. I rent my dwelling on a lease _________ (Include copy of current lease and utility bills)
F. I am ____ I am not ____ registered to vote in New Jersey.
G. I have ____ do not have ____ a New Jersey driver's license. (Provide a copy of your license)
H. I am ____ I am not ____ employed in the state of New Jersey. If employed, by
whom? _____________________________ (Supply statement of employer)
I. Other pertinent statements:
J. My college expenses and other financial needs are being met by funds derived as follows:
Your Statement: The data given throughout this application are true and complete to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
_______________________________ _____________________
Signature of Student Date
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