New Hampshire Vessel Bill of Sale
Existing bow number, if any: _____________________
Vessel’s year of manufacture: _____________________
Vessel’s make: _____________________
Vessel’s color: _____________________
(a multicolored vessel shall list the predominate color first on the
application and lesser colors next)
Length of vessel from the bow to the stern, in feet and inches:
Principal state in which the vessel is used: _____________________
Principal material from which the hull is constructed, such as fiberglass,
wood or aluminum: _____________________
Type of propulsion, such as outboard, inboard, electric or sail:
Type of fuel used for propulsion, such as gasoline, diesel or electric:
Manufacturer's hull identification number: _____________________
Whether the vessel has single or twin engines: _____________________
Whether the vessel is used on inland waters or tidal waters:
Maximum person capacity, as recommended by the manufacturer:
Signed commercial affidavit issued by the department stating that the
vessel is used exclusively for commercial fishing, if applicable:
Whether the vessel has toilet, sink or shower facilities:
Total available horsepower: _____________________
Owner’s name, address and date of birth: _____________________
Vessel’s primary use: _____________________
Statement that all information provided is under penalty of unsworn
falsification: _____________________
Buyer: _____________________
Print Name: _____________________
Seller: _____________________
Print Name: _____________________