Month & Year of Graduation: ______________
Subject Catalog # Term Year Credits
SOCI 3823 Fall 2018 3
may be 1000-level or
2000-level or above
2000-level or above
2000-level or above
2000-level or above
2000-level or above
(extra space if needed)
Project Course
(2000-level or above)
Engagement in the
Major Field
Honors Thesis/ Project
Cumulative GPA of at least a 3.400.
To Honors Advisor: After it has been uploaded to the Quest portal, please review and approve this student’s Honors plan of study
on behalf of your department. By approving this plan of study, you are indicating that with completion of the Honors credits and the
Engagement in the Major Field plan listed on this form, this student will have fulfilled all Honors credit and engagement requirements
for your major. In addition to overseeing this student's completion of the "Engagement in the Major Field", you also agreeing to
oversee the Honors thesis/project requirements.
(The Honors Program will audit this student’s record for compliance with all University-wide Honors requirements, including the
submission of an approved Honors thesis, prior to awarding Honors Scholar graduation.)
New: Honors Scholar Final Plan of Study
For students who entered UConn in Fall 2018 & later and are graduating December 2021 or later
who are not pursuing University Honors Laureate award.
Honors Scholar
(must be at least 15 Honors credits
in the major or related)
Total Honors Credits
(must be at least 15)
Name: __________________________________
Student Admin #: ________________________
Honors Major: ________________________________
School or College: _____________________________
Honors Credit Information
(must be at least 15 Honors credits in the major or related)
in major or related
Demonstrated engagement in the major field as agreed upon by the student
and their Honors academic advisor.
(see next page of this PDF form)
Submission of approved Honors thesis/project.
(Submitted online via the Uconn Quest portal.)
Honors Advisor: You will be asked for approval of this plan for Engagement of the Major Field in the online Final Plan of Study
system. Prior to this student’s graduation, you will be asked to confirm the completion of this Honors Scholar requirement.
Description of Engagement
Provide a brief description of the proposed engagement experience(s):
Rationale for Engagement
How does this engagement enrich your experience in this field or subject? Ideally this will be phrased in terms of what you expect to
Criteria for Engagement
Specify the quantity and quality of engagement required.
New Honors Scholar - Engagement in the Major Field
Student: You and your Honors advisor should agree on a plan that will help you develop your skills related to your major in addition to
your Honors coursework. It is your responsibility to fulfill this Engagement in the Major Field plan on the agreed-upon timetable.
Completion of the Engagement in the Major Field is a requirement for the Honors Scholar designation.
After consulting with your Honors advisor, please complete the following information regarding how you will fulfill the Engagement in
the Major requirement. Your Honors advisor will be asked to confirm your completion of this requirement prior to your graduation as
an Honors Scholar.
Timeline for Engagement
Describe the expected timeline for the engagement experience(s). Clearly specify any mandatory deadlines.
Communication Plan
Describe how you and your advisor will communicate regarding your progress toward and completion of your Engagement in the
Major Field requirement.
Student: Submit via the Honors Final Plan of study form in the UConn Quest portal: