New Freshman Private (Endowed) Scholarship Application
The University of Akron
New Freshmen IXOO\DGPLWWHGE\0aUFKDUH automatically considered for institutional general academic scholarships
based on high school GPA and ACT/SAT test scores submitted with your Admission Applicatio
Private (endowed) scholarships are awarded starting in June to full-time students (12 or more credit hours per
You may also contact your college/academic department for additional scholarship opportunities.
Student ID
For what enrollment period are you applying for scholarship assistance? (indicate year)
Fall semester (August) 20____ Spring semester (January) 20____
Last name (legal name) First MI Date of birth Gender
Permanent address City State Zip County
Number and street
Telephone Email address
Major UA fee remission
Yes No
Name of high Year of high school
school last attended graduation
Did you do PSEOP in high school? Yes No
To be considered for need-based aid, answer the questions below. (Definition of dependent and independent student)
Parent Information (for dependent students) Student Information (for independent students)
Father’s name Student’s employer
Father’s employer Spouse’s name
Mother’s name Spouse’s employer
Mother’s employer Annual family income
Annual family income # of people dependent on this income
# of people dependent on this income # of people enrolled full time in college
# of people enrolled full time in college
Page 2 must be completed to be considered for scholarships.
Summarize school and community activities and service, particularly those activities in which your leadership skills were
exhibited. Also, include any additional personal factors you would like us to consider in determining your scholarship
eligibility. If necessary, attach additional sheets. If you do not fill out this section, you will not be considered for
private (endowed) scholarships.
I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information contained in this application is true and accurate, and I will provide proof of income upon
request. By signing this release, I acknowledge that application information and my academic record may be released if in relation to, receipt of, or
application for scholarship assistance while I am a student at The University of Akron.
Signature Date
Complete this form and mail it to
Office of Student Financial Aid
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-6211