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Business License Certificate of Occupancy
OFFICE ADDRESS: Permit Center, 2 George Street
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 22009, Charleston, SC 29413-2009
Application is for:
New Business Address Change Change Hours Change Ownership Name Change Other
Name of Business: ____________________________________ DBA___________________________________________
sical Address: __________________________________ Suite/Apt. # _______Tax Map #: ______________________
tail License Number: ________________________________ Federal Tax ID Number: ___________________________
ness Activity Description: __________________________________________________________________________
evious business name and use at this location: __________________________________________________________
Estimated gross receipts from open date through December 31st: ____________________________________________
Please read the following and mark the box that applies to you: Yes No
1) Has the location of your business had a building permit in the last 12 months?
2) Are you changing the use of the building? (Ex: house to office, office to restaurant or deli, etc.)
3) Are you making any changes to the building structure? (Ex: add or remove: walls, doors, stairs, etc.)
4) Are you adding or changing heating, ventilation, air conditioners, or refrigeration?
5) Are you adding or changing plumbing? (Ex: sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, etc.)
6) Are you adding or changing electrical? (Ex: new lights, switches, outlets, etc.)
7) Are you adding new signage or altering existing signage? If so, contact
8) Will you rent accommodations? If yes, business is subject to state and local accommodations taxes.
9) Will you sell prepared meals, food or beverages? If yes, business is subject to a hospitality tax.
10) Will your business serve beer, wine, or liquor?
11) Is this business a short-term lender or deferred presentment lender that is regulated by Chapter 39
of Title 34 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended?
12) Is your building equipped with any of the following: check all that apply
Cooking Equipment
Fire Sprinkler
Fire Alarm
Kitchen Fire S
uppression System
13) Will you be storing or using any of the following: check all that apply
Hazardous Materials
High-rack storage (over 12’)
Compressed Gas Cylinders
More than 10 gals of combustible or flammable liquid
None of the above
14) Will you be caring for children? If yes, list the number of children: ______and the minimum age ____
15) What is your anticipated maximum number of occupants? _____________________________________________
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Please Clearly Complete the Following Information:
Business Entity Type: Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation LLC
Business Mailing Address: ____________________________________________ Zip Code: ________________________
er of Business: __________________________________________________________________________________
er’s Mailing Address: _____________________________________________ Zip Code: ________________________
er’s Business Phone: _______________________________________ Cell: __________________________________
er’s Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name (Local): _____________________________________ Telephone: ________________________
urs of Operation: ___________________________________ Number of Employees: ___________________________
er of Buildings Used for Business: _____________ Total Number of Square Feet: _____________________________
ber of Square Feet Used for Storage: ____________ Number of Square Feet for Patron/Customer Use: ____________
mber of Square Feet for Office Area: _____________ Number of Bathrooms: __________________________________
Number of Parking Spaces: _______________________ Number of Trucks/Vehicles: ______________________________
er of Off-Street Loading and Unloading Spaces: _______________________________________________________
er of Building: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Is thi
s a Minority/Woman Owned Business? Yes No
All applications require a floor plan. Assemblies, educational and institutional facilities must have a floor plan sealed
by a design professional. Please submit one electronic set of plans in PDF format OR three scaled drawings on 8.5 x 14
(Legal) size paper with rooms labeled indicating gross floor area, patron use area, bathrooms with fixtures, tables,
chairs, doors with width and swing, and other obstructions.
I (we) hereby make application for a Business License Certificate of Occupancy for the property to be used as indicated
above. I have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and correct. I (we) attest that I am (we
are) in compliance and will maintain all applicable City of Charleston Code & Zoning Ordinances and South Carolina
Building & Fire Codes in order for the Business License Certificate of Occupancy to remain valid once issued. I (we) further
understand that this certificate is subject to cancellation if any misrepresentations have been made or if any changes are
made which violate any applicable City of Charleston Ordinances or South Carolina Codes.
______________________________ Signature: _______________________________________________________
hone: _________________________ Print Name: _____________________________________________________
Owner ( ) Agent ( )
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