New Braunfels ISD Education Foundation Employee Contribution
Donor Cards
The New Braunfels ISD Education foundation funds projects and programs that will
Improve educational opportunities for the students of NBISD.
Return all Forms to:
New Braunfels ISD Education Foundation
c/o Payroll Deductions
430 West Mill Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130
830.643.5700 or 830.237.1075
Or email to:
Campus:___________________________________ Staff ID#_________________
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Yes! Count me in!
Monthly to the Education Foundation through payroll deduction.
o $10.00
o $5.00
o $2.00
o $ __________
*I hereby authorize the New Braunfels Independent School District to deduct from my pay, the amount designated. I
understand that this money will be used by the New Braunfels ISD Education Foundation for the benefit of the New
Braunfels ISD. I understand my name may be used in promoting Foundation campaigns.
__________________________________________________________ _____________________________________
This authorization shall become effective as of the date it is executed. It shall remain in effect until written notices of
cancellation or change is received by the New Braunfels ISD Payroll Department at least (20) days prior to the next
scheduled payday.
o I wish to make a general one-time donation of $ __________.
Check is attached * Make checks payable to:: New Braunfels ISD Education Foundation
Investing in Teachers… Investing in Students
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