Nevada Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts
Grant Assurances
As an authorized representative of the applicant, I hereby certify and assure that:
1) The applicant has the authority to apply for Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) grant
assistance and has the institutional, managerial, and financial capacity to successfully carry out
the project described in the application.
2) The applicant acknowledges receipt of grant funds is contingent upon availability of funds to
AOC, and delivery of funds is dependent upon applicant compliance with all terms of the grant
award and program.
3) The AOC will not be held responsible for recurring costs, maintenance costs, or support costs for
any product or service procured with grant funds.
4) The applicant agrees to indemnify, save, and hold harmless AOC to the extent legally allowable
for all claims related to grant funds and funded projects.
5) The applicant will grant the AOC and its authorized representatives full access to, and right to
examine, all records, books, papers, documents, and electronic files relating to the award,
expenditure of funds, and applicant contribution.
6) The applicant will account for any awarded funds and applicant contribution under an accounting
system that is in compliance with the AOC’s Minimum Accounting Standards (MAS).
7) The applicant will make reasonable efforts to ensure that no employee or official will use the
awarded funds for personal gain, and will diligently work to prevent conflict of interest, or an
appearance thereof, related to grant funds and grant funded projects.
8) The applicant has read the AOC Grant Program Guidelines and will comply with all rules,
regulations, policies, and procedures regarding the expenditure of funds and project completion,
including timelines and reporting requirements, as set forth by AOC in any award that is made.
9) The applicant is, and will continue to be, in compliance with all applicable Nevada Revised
Statutes, Federal Laws, and Cannons of Judicial Conduct applicable to the awarded funds,
expenditure of funds, and/or project completion.
10) The applicant will acknowledge the Nevada Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts
as a funding source on all publications furnished by grant funds.
11) The applicant will receive awarded grant funds via electronic funds transfer (EFT), unless undue
hardship is demonstrated.
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