Landscape Requirements
Must have landscape requirement form at final inspection.
Native trees preserved (greater than 12 ft tall)
Palms preserved *(10 ft clear trunk, see below)
Square feet understory preserved (16 ft²= 1 shrub)
Planted Vegetation
a. Large Species: minimum 12 feet tall with 2.5-inch diameter (caliper) and 5-
foot spread.
b. Medium species: minimum 10 feet tall with 1.5-inch diameter (caliper) and
3-foot spread.
c. Small species: minimum 8 feet tall with 1-inch diameter (caliper) and 2-foot
d. Palms: minimum 10 feet of clear trunk.
e. Shrubs: minimum fully rooted 18 inch in height OR 3-gallon size
1. All plantings shall be at least Florida No. 1 grade as defined by the Grades & Standards
for Nursery Plants.
2. At least 50% of trees required for preservation and planting shall be of native species.
No more than 50% of planted trees shall be of any one genus.
3. At least 50% of shrubs and groundcovers shall be native species or recommended by
Waterwise Florida Landscapes.
4. Use of palms. Preservation of palms, or the planting of palms, may only be used to
satisfy up to 25% of the required landscaping unless barrier island conditions prohibit the
use of less salt-tolerant plants.
5. At time of landscape installation, actual tree/plant locations shall avoid future growth
interference with structures and underground/overhead utilities.
Permit Number: _______________ Area of Alteration(acres): ______________
PRESERVING _____________ PLANTING ________________
Preserved Vegetation
Natural Resources Management Department
Environmental Resources Management
Phone: 321-633-2016