Morris K. Udall and John S. McCain III Native American Graduate Fellowship in Tribal Policy
2021 Native American Graduate Fellowship
Native Health Care
Please read all instructions to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. Applications
that do not follow instructions or are incomplete will not be considered by the Selection Committee.
The application must be typed, using no smaller than 12-point font.
The short answer questions and optional COVID-19 impact statement should be single-spaced. Please
note the word count ranges and do not exceed the maximum word count.
Application deadline: post-marked or emailed by 11:59 PM PDT on May 21, 2021.
Application materials may be emailed to Jason Curley, Education Program Manager, at
Writers of recommendation letters may email signed PDFs directly to
Application materials may also be mailed to:
Udall Foundation
Native American Graduate Fellowship Program
130 S. Scott Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
Signed application form (Section 1)
Completed short answers (Section 2)
Brief statement explaining any COVID-19 related impacts, optional (Section 3)
Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) (Section 4)
Three recommendation letters sent to the Udall Foundation by the recommenders (Section 5)
Official transcript from current graduate institution (Section 6)
Final unofficial undergraduate transcript (Section 6)
Other unofficial transcripts from colleges attended for credit within the past six years (Section 6)
Copy of Tribal enrollment card or Tribal verification documents (Section 6)
(If applicable) Proof of U.S. permanent residency (Section 6)
Link to Fellowship guidelines and application material
Morris K. Udall and John S. McCain III Native American Graduate Fellowship in Tribal Policy
Section 1: Application Form
Legal Full Name:
Are you a
U.S. Citizen U.S. Permanent Resident (Canadian First Nation)
Enrolled Tribal affiliation:
Additional Tribal affiliation(s):
State of Permanent Residence*:
Congressional District (Legal Voting District):
*Permanent residence is established by at least two of the following: home address for school registration; place of registration to
vote; family’s primary residence.
Mailing Address
Street and Number:
Best telephone:
Best email address:
Will you be a continuing graduate student in Fall 2021:
Yes No
Graduate Degree Program (e.g., M.S., Ph.D., M.D.):
Field of Study/Concentration:
On a scale of:
Date you expect to receive degree:
Beginning with the school you currently attend, list all colleges/universities attended, including any for summer and
study abroad:
Dates Attended
Concurrent Grants/ Fellowships
Itemize any grants or fellowships that will coincide with the Fellowship year (August 1, 2021 July 31, 2022).
Name of Grants/Fellowships
Applications and supporting documents become the sole property of the Udall Foundation and will neither be returned nor submitted
to the Selection Committee for evaluation another year.
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Section 2: Short Answers
1. What area(s) of Native American and/or Alaska Native health care are you pursuing with your graduate
studies? What motivated you to pursue a career in this field? (300-450 words)
2. Describe one critical issue in Native American and/or Alaska Native health care and how you hope to
address it throughout your educational and professional career? (300-450 words)
3. Describe your personal journey as a Native American, Alaska Native, or Canadian First Nations member,
and how it shapes your goals. (250-300 words)
4. What experiences and personal/cultural values have shaped your perspective on Native health care
services and systems? (250-300 words)
5. How will you use the Fellowship funds to support your academic and professional goals for the 2021-2022
academic year? (250-300 Words)
6. Provide any additional information that would be useful for the Selection Committee to know.
(250-300 words)
Section 3: Optional COVID-19 Impact Statement (100-150 Words)
Briefly explain any COVID-19 related impacts you have experienced that would be important for the
Selection Committee to be aware of. This can include significant disruptions to progression through a degree
program and/or ability to participate in school, community, or Tribal activities; jobs or internships; research
activities; or leadership experiences.
Section 4: Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Your resume or CV should observe the following general format: Education History; Professional Experience
(e.g., relevant paid and unpaid work experiences, research, publications, presentations); Other Relevant
Experience (e.g., Tribal activities, extracurricular and volunteer work); Professional and Tribal Organization
Memberships; and Awards and Recognition. (Limit to 4 pages.)
Section 5: Recommendation Letters
Please provide names, titles, and contact information of three individuals who have written your letters of
recommendation for the Native American Graduate Fellowship. Letters should be written on official
letterhead, signed by the recommender, and should be submitted separately from the application by the
recommender. Please request your recommenders email letters directly to Jason Curley at
Tribal Official
Community Leader
Faculty Member
Tribal Official
Community Leader
Faculty Member
Tribal Official
Community Leader
Faculty Member
Please tell us how you heard about the Native American Graduate Fellowship.
Direct mailing
Graduate school
Native program
Web search
Social media
Udall Foundation
Other (please specify):
Please tell us who referred you to our program.
Please provide names and contact information of organizations or people with whom to share information
about our programs.
Section 6: Supporting Documents
Current official transcript may be submitted separately.
Final official/unofficial undergraduate transcript(s) may be submitted separately.
Other unofficial transcripts from colleges attended for credit within the past six years may be
submitted separately.
Proof of Tribal enrollment or descendance please do not submit original documents:
o Copy of enrollment forms, cards, and/or descent documentation such as a certificate of degree
of Indian or Alaska Native blood.
o Descendants of enrolled Tribal members must provide copies of their parent's or grandparent's
enrollment and birth certificates that demonstrate the applicant's relationship to the enrolled
Tribal member.
Proof of U.S. permanent residency for First Nations of Canada members only.