Unit Swim Classification Record Revised July 2019
National High Adventure Sea Base
Unit Swim Classification Record
This form indicates the individual’s swim classification as of this date listed below. The date the
swim test was conducted must be within 12 months of the start date of your adventure; Sea Base
does not administer the BSA Swim Test.
Crew Number: ___________________________ Date of Swim Test: ______________________
The following crew members (youth and adults) have all passed the swim test indicated on this
record and are classified as “Swimmers”:
Full Name (Print)
Full Name (Print)
1 11
2 12
3 13
4 14
5 15
6 16
7 17
8 18
9 19
10 20
Name of Person Conducting Test (Print) ____________________________________________________________
Signature of Person Conducting Test _______________________________________________________________
Qualification of Person Conducting Test:
___Aquatics Instructor, BSA
___BSA Lifeguard
___Swimming Instructor
___Cub Scout Aquatics Supervisor
___Certified Lifeguard
___Swim Coach
Unit Leader or Contingent Leader Name (Print) ______________________________________________________
Unit Leader or Contingent Leader Signature _________________________________________________________
This Unit Swim Classification Record is to be presented during check-in at Sea Base. This record must
be completed and signed at the time of the classification testing. This record is to be used for all Sea Base
Adventures and at all Sea Base locations, including the Bahamas, Florida Keys, and US Virgin Islands.
Unit Swim Classification Record Revised July 2019
Swim Classification Procedures
The swim classification of individuals participating in a Boy Scouts of America activity is a key
element in both Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat plans. The swim classification tests should
be renewed annually, preferably at the beginning of each outdoor season. Traditionally, the swim
classification test has only been conducted at summer camp. However, there is no restriction that
this be the only place the test can be conducted.
All Sea Base adventures require that this swim classification be completed prior to arrival.
As indicated by Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense plans, all persons participating in all swimming and boating
activities are required to be “swimmers”.
Jump Feetfirst into water over the head in depth, level off, and begin swimming.
Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke,
breaststroke, trudgen or front crawl.
Swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke.
The 100 yards must be swum continuously and include at least one sharp turn.
After completing the swim test, rest by floating.
The swim classification test done at a unit level should be conducted by one of the following
resource people: Aquatics Instructor, BSA; Aquatics Cub Supervisor; BSA Lifeguard; certified
lifeguard; swimming instructor; or swim coach.
NOTE: You may use a council approved unit swim classification list instead of this form. Please
be sure to copy it for each crew, write the crew number on each sheet and indicate the persons on
the record that are in that particular crew. The person conducting the swim classification test must
meet the standards listed above.