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Nash Community College
Loan Increase Form
_________________Student ID:
__________ Date of Birth: ___________
Last 4 digits-Social Security Number: _____Phone Number__________________
Total Loan Amount Requested
: $ ______________________ (Please do not leave blank)
Total amount requested will be split between both semesters.
Requested Loan Term:
Fall/Spring Spring/Summer
Check the box that justifies the need for the increase:
Tuition Supplies Commuting expenses
Room/Board Equipment Rental or purchase of a personal computer
Institutional Fees Dependent Child Care expenses Loan Fees
Books Transportation Other documented, authorized costs *
* Please explain_____________________________________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________
The Loan Increase form must be completed
by December 1 for fall semester, April 15 for spring
semester and June 1 for summer term