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Renewal of qualification
Member’s name:
Membership number:
Girlguiding Country/Region and County:
To renew your narrowboating qualification, you will need to post or scan and email the following to
Girlguiding Headquarters for the attention of the Girlguiding Technical Adviser for Narrowboating.
Your completion of qualification form.
Renewal of qualification form.
Your logbook, demonstrating that you have engaged in regular boating activity in the last three years.
Certificate of a valid first aid qualification (six hours of training minimum).
The Girlguiding Technical Adviser for Narrowboating will check the documents and if they approve will sign
and date your renewal form and return everything to you. Your Go! record will also be updated by your
County Go! Coordinator. If your qualification has not been renewed, an explanation will be provided below
of the further training and/or assessment required and the reasons for this. The most common reason for
a renewal being declined is insufficient logged experience.
If you do not have a Girlguiding membership number, please provide the following.
Telephone: Email:
Qualification for Module 4 also being renewed (please tick if applicable).
Date qualification gained or last renewed:
Date first aid qualification expires:
I am familiar with the requirements of the Girlguiding Narrowboating Scheme and agree to comply
with the rules and procedures contained in the scheme.
Signature: Date:
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Confirmation of renewal of qualification
To be completed by the Girlguiding Technical Adviser for Narrowboating.
Name of Adviser:
Date qualification renewed:
Date qualification will expire:
If qualification not renewed, please state the reasons why below.
Signature: Date:
Please email this form and scans of all other required documents to outdooractivities@girlguiding.org.uk,
or post to Girlguiding Technical Adviser for Narrowboating, Girlguiding, 17–19 Buckingham Palace Road,
London SW1W 0PT.