Name of the SMSF
Year of annual return
Please take the time to complete this checklist as it is a very important part of completing your work efficiently. It helps you:
• Identify and provide the information we need to prepare your SMSF Financial Statements
• Minimise the queries from us during the preparation of your Financial Statements
Please send us the relevant documents for all the investments in your SMSF
Bank Accounts
Yes No N/A
Please provide all bank statements in excel format with explanations for all transactions from 1
July to 30 June
Please send us the PDF / scanned copy of the 30 June statement to confirm ownership by the
SMSF and closing balance for audit file completeness
If there are Term Deposits, please send us all Term Deposit statements from 1 July to 30 June
Rollover Statement
Yes No N/A
Please provide us with the Rollover Benefit Statement if there is transfer-in from another super
Listed Shares & Listed Unit Trust Investments
Yes No N/A
Transaction summary statement for the period from 1 July to 30 June
Financial Year summary statement as at 30 June to confirm units held and market value as at 30
Dividend or distribution statements during the year
Annual Tax Statement for Listed Unit Trust for the current financial year
Unlisted Shares and Unlisted Unit Trusts
Yes No N/A
Unit or Share Certificate to confirm the units held and market value as at 30 June
Market value as at 30 June
Signed Financial Reports and Tax Return for Unlisted Unit Trust for the current financial year
Private company
Yes No N/A
Share certificate confirm the units held by the Fund and market value as at 30 June
Extract of ASIC Certificate showing Directors and Shareholders to confirm the SMSF does not
have a control and voting right over the entity
If there is dividend income, we need the dividend statement to record the franked / un franked
Managed Investments
Yes No N/A
Annual Tax / Distribution statements for the year
Financial Year Summary Statement from 1 July to 30 June
Yes No N/A
Depreciation schedule if applicable
Rental statements showing the relevant Income and Expenses
Loan Agreement , loan statements / loan repayment schedule if applicable
Title Deed for the property
Property settlement statement / Statement of Adjustment
Property revaluation (can be a Trustee revaluation)
Signed lease agreement ( no related party for residential property)
Property insurance policy for the period from 1 July to 30 June
Tax invoices/ payment receipts for all expenses paid by the SMSF
Executed Contract of Sale to confirm the ownership by the SMSF
Executed Declaration of Custody Trust if the Fund purchased a property with loans
Precious Metals, Art Works and other Collectible Assets
Yes No N/A
Purchase and sale contracts in the name of the SMSF
Year-end holding statements to confirm the value as at 30 June
Details of where the asset is held and confirmation it is not used by the Members or a related
Insurance policy statement for all collectable and personal use assets from date of purchase
Summary of all bullions noting type and quantity of all bullion as at 30 June
A dated photo of all bullion held by the Fund to confirm the existence of all these assets
Crypto Currency Investment
Yes No N/A
Holding summary statement as at 30 June to confirm all bitcoin held and market value as at 30
Summary Statement for bitcoin trading account from 1 July to 30 June
Summary Statement for cash account from 1 July to 30 June
Life Insurance
Yes No N/A
Insurance Policy Statements showing the insurance payments and the name of the SMSF
Please provide the copies of the relevant minutes, if the Fund has following activities:
Change in tax status i.e.: Member moved from accumulation to pension phase
Change of Trustee or Member
Important note
We will send all the Financial Reports via Echosign for digital signature. This eliminates the need for printing and
scanning signed pages back to us. An email will be sent to you to notify once the reports are sent. Please look out
for the email from Echosign.
As per the section 35B of the SIS acts, the accounts and the financial statements must be signed by at least two
Trustees. Please remember to provide us with at least two email addresses of the Trustees. We will send out the
Echosign emails to those Trustees for digital signatures.
Superannuation Warehouse operates as an accounting firm and is not licensed to give financial advice. Therefore,
we don't provide any financial advice.
I acknowledge and understand my responsibilities for:
• Reliability, accuracy and completeness of the accounting records/financial information
• Disclosure to Superannuation Warehouse of all material and relevant information
As Trustee of the Fund, I understand my obligations under self assessment to keep full and proper records for
minimum 5 years
As Trustee of the Fund, I confirm the information supplied is complete in order to start the accounting process.
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