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NVE Parent-Child Book Club
NVE Parent-Child Book Club, is a club for NVE Tribal Member Families. The book club will raise
awareness on child abuse, suicide, and Elder abuse. Each awareness will have four months to be the
focus. At the end of the four months of each awareness there will be a community challenge.
Completing this challenge will lead to prizes. For example, after learning about how to be kind to
Elders you will be asked to write 5 letters that express gratitude towards your Elders. These letters
will then be mailed to individual Tribal Member Elders.
To make this program suitable for you and your child, books will be chosen based on your
child’s age and to encourage participation monthly discussions will take place. There will also be a
battle of the books at the end of the year. At the battle of the books you and your child will answer
questions from each book and participation will lead to prizes.
Throughout the program you will receive support from the Tribal Family Service team and
Behavioral Health team. As well as receive resources in the mail. For instance, educational resources
that discuss healthy parenting and how to talk about sensitive subjects. As well as resources on what
to do if your child has suicidal thoughts. Overall, we want you to feel supported and welcomed to ask
By signing this form, you acknowledge NVE Parent-Child Book Club will address sensitive
subjects (child abuse, Elder abuse & suicide) and you acknowledge you will receive resources to help
discuss these topics with your child. You also understand Since Covid-19 has restricted gatherings,
monthly discussion will take place on zoom, and books and resources will be mailed to your address.
In person gatherings may occur once it is safe.
If you have any questions about NVE Parent Child Book Club, please do not hesitate to ask.
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