Updated as of 3/23/18
Applicants for the United States Mint Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program must complete and sign this
Numismatic Bulk Purchase Application and Agreement. Along with this application and agreement,
applicants must submit a copy of their current business license or state resale certificate.
The United States Mint will review applications and notify applicants in writing of acceptance or
rejection within 30 days of receipt of their application.
United States Mint bulk purchase applicants must attest to one or more of the following (check all that
are applicable):
1. I am a licensed, full-time “coin dealer” (defined as any state-licensed firm or company
engaged in the commercial sale of coins via storefront, at coin shows or online).
2. I own/operate a licensed business involved in the precious metals or numismatic coin
3. I am a licensed retailer, bank, credit union or other financial institution willing to
expand its business into the numismatic coin industry.
1. Each order submitted under these terms and conditions will qualify for a discount only after the
applicant is accepted into the Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program. Pre-existing orders do not
2. Approved bulk purchase customers must place at least two qualifying orders of $10,000
(spending at least $20,000) in each fiscal year to maintain membership in the program. If this
requirement is not met in a fiscal year, the customer will be removed from the program and will
be required to re-apply to participate. Any order that totals less than $10,000 will not qualify
for the bulk discount
3. Bulk purchase discounts are designed in tiers and are based on annual net revenue amount
milestones, adjusted quarterly. Net revenue is defined as shipped revenue minus return revenue.
Updated as of 3/23/18
The annual purchase amount is reset at the beginning of each fiscal year (no carryover).
Discount tiers are as follows:
Tier 1: Net revenue from $10,000 up to $50,000 earn a 3 percent discount
Tier 2: Net revenue from $50,001 up to $250,000 earn a 4 percent discount
Tier 3: Net revenue from $250,001 up to $1 million earn a 4.5 percent discount
Tier 4: Net revenue more than $1 million earn a 5 percent discount
4. An order may combine any assortment of products in order to obtain a discount on available
products listed on the current Qualifying Numismatic Bulk Purchase Products list on the
Numismatic Bulk Program page at http://catalog.usmint.gov/bulk-purchase-program-
5. Orders will be assessed shipping and handling costs, which will vary depending on the shipping
destination (i.e., domestic versus international) and the preferred/selected method of shipment.
Standard budget shipping is free to participants in the Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program.
6. Orders placed through this program will be shipped to the address of record as entered in the
United States Mint’s order management system. All orders will be shipped from the United
States Mint’s fulfillment center. Bulk purchase customers are not permitted to pick up orders.
Orders will be processed on a first-in, first-served basis. Shipping addresses may be changed at
order placement.
7. Bulk purchase customers are required to use one assigned bulk customer account number for all
orders, including those that do not qualify for discounts. All net revenue that accumulates in a
bulk account counts toward reaching the discount tiers. Personal account numbers should not
be used for bulk orders.
8. Bulk purchaser customers are able to purchase any product available in any quantity (subject to
household limits). Discounts, however, vary by product, and not all products have a discounted
9. The United States Mint reserves the right to offer additional discounts or to exclude certain
products from the Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program.
10. A bulk purchase customer must agree that discounted products purchased through this program
may not be advertised for retail sale at prices less than the United States Mint’s current price for
the same product, as long as those products are available for sale by the United States Mint.
Updated as of 3/23/18
11. When marketing, promoting, or selling United States Mint coins purchased under the Bulk
Purchase Program, a bulk purchase customer may refer to itself as a Bulk purchaser of United
States Mint non-bullion coins. The following stipulations apply:
It shall not imply or indicate that it is an official” or “designated” distributor for the
Department of the Treasury or the United States Mint nor has any other official”
status, nor that it has a connection with the Department of the Treasury or the United
States Mint beyond the relationship established by this agreement.
It shall not use the official seal of the Department of the Treasury or United States
Mint in any manner or use any other Department of the Treasury or United States
Mint intellectual property or trade dress, unless specific permission has been granted
in writing by the Mint’s licensing office.
It shall ensure that all advertising, packaging, and promotional materials intended for
use in marketing United States Mint products are accurate and in keeping with the
dignity and character of the coins as issuances of the U.S. Government. The United
States Mint reserves the right to require that bulk purchase customers discontinue
usage of any material that it determines does not meet this term or is objectionable
(e.g., print web advertisements that promote the bulk purchaser as an “official United
States Mint or licensed bulk purchaser/dealer” of United States Mint coins.
Failure to comply with these stipulations is cause for the United States Mint, in its
sole discretion, to cancel any bulk purchase customer or firm’s participation in the
Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program without notice.
12. Ordering terms: All orders must be placed via the United States Mint’s online order
management system or by telephone and in accordance with conditions set forth herein.
Bulk purchase orders are not valid until accepted by the United States Mint. Once an order is
processed by the order management system, it may not be cancelled. If for any reason, within
seven (7) days of receiving your product, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may
return the entire product for a refund or replacement. The United States Mint reserves the right
to limit quantities and may discontinue accepting orders for any product at any time. The
United States Mint reserves the right to accept or reject orders in any combination or option(s) it
determines to be in its best interest. In the event a particular product is sold out, the United
States Mint reserves the right to either process partial orders and make refunds, or return orders
in their entirety.
Updated as of 3/23/18
12. Bulk purchase discounts will not be offered by United States Mint personnel at coin shows or
special events, nor at point-of-sale locations in Denver, Philadelphia, Washington DC, or future
point-of-sale locations
13. This agreement, and any dispute there under, shall be governed by and construed only under
Federal law. The United States Mint reserves the right to alter, modify, and/or change the terms
and conditions at any time, provided notice of the change or modification is provided to the
current numismatic bulk purchase customers prior to the effective date of such modification.
The effective date of such change or modification will be 15 days after receipt of any notice of
change or alteration of the program’s terms and conditions, unless the numismatic bulk
purchaser has sent the United States Mint written notice of its withdrawal from the program.
14. The United States Mint may terminate the Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program or alter, modify,
or change qualifying criteria at its discretion at any time without advance notice. The United
States Mint has the right to terminate this agreement for good cause at any time without advance
Customer Account Number: _______________________________________________
Note: Account Number will be provided by the U.S. Mint upon acceptance
Copy of business license or state resale certificate attached: Yes: _____ No: ____
Company Name: _________________________________________________________
Billing Address: __________________________________________________________
Shipping Address: _________________________________________________________
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________________________
Updated as of 3/23/18
Phone: __________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________
Website: ________________________________________________________________
The United States Mint only accepts applications from parties authorized to sign this agreement on
behalf of their respective company.
I warrant that the information provided herein is true and accurate, that it satisfies the qualifying
criteria, and that I will abide by all of the above terms and conditions. I have read and understand the
terms and conditions of participation in the program and understand and acknowledge that failure to
comply may result in disqualification for all discounts. .
Signature: _________________________ Signature: ________________________________
Printed Name: ______________________ Printed Name: ____________________________
Title: _____________________________ Title: ____________________________________
Date: _____________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Send completed forms with a copy of your business license and/or state resale certificate by mail or
fax to:
United States Mint
Numismatic and Bullion Department
ATTN: Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program
801 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20220-0001
Fax: (202) 756-6585
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