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NTA CEU Report Requirements
Please complete the below fields in full and in as much detail as possible to apply to receive CEUs. We
may request more information from you if the NTA CEU Report is sparse or incomplete. You must
complete an NTA CEU Report for each continuing education opportunity you complete if you did not
receive a CEU certificate. If you attended or watched an event with multiple speakers, please fill out a
report for each speaker session; you cannot fill out one report for the whole event. For each CEU
activity, please attach proof of attendance (receipt or letter of attendance) when applicable. If sending
via the mail, send copies and keep the original documents for your records.
Please select the type of Continuing Education you completed:
Please summarize key takeaways from this continuing education.
How will you apply what you learned in your practice, business, or life?
Applicant Name
Title of Presentation, Course, Etc.
Date of Attendance
Name of Presenter
Location of Event OR Website Link
Hours Attended
Number of CEUs Awarded (If Known)
Conference Recordings Online Event Class or Certification
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